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Friday, October 1, 2010

The Stuxnet Computer Virus and Iran's Bushehr Nuclear Plans

Iran has built the Bushehr nuclear power plant, which most of the world says is a nuclear weapons threat. Right now it’s been hit with a computer virus, the Stuxnet.

The Stuxnet virus was noticed in June 2010 and by July was said to be a hypersophisticated piece of malware created by a team working for either the US or Israel. Experts are wondering why it was created. "Stuxnet is a 100% directed cyber attack that can destroy an industrial process in the real world. It’s a 100% sabatage attack.

It can take control of your infrastructure. It’s a targeted weapon, they say. Since it is USA experts who are tearing it apart, I don’t believe it was created in the USA.

It has infected about 45,000 industrial control systems around the world. Most of the computers infected are in Iran, Pakistan, India and Indonesia. Some computers in Germany, Canada, and the US have also been infected, it has been discovered.

They question if it has already hit its target. There are no clues about this. The Iranina power plant just might be it. However, why are other countries hit? A Russian contractor built the power plant and had jobs in other countries where the attackware has been discovered. If Iran’s nuclear plant starts up in a few months, we’ll know that wasn’t the target.

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