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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Which American President Has Been Israel's Friend

Friend or Foe: American Presidents
by Nadene Goldfoot

Hands down. I would vote for Harry Truman. He fought for voting for Israel in the U.N. in giving them the right to have the state. He said he felt like Cyrus who had allowed Jews, even encouraged them in relocating back in their homeland of Israel. Truman had undergone pressure against this vote from several of his advisors. Truman was a businessman and his partner was Jewish. Otherwise, I don't believe that he even knew many Jews. Whether he cared for all Jews or not, he brought about the miracle we had hoped and prayed for for two thousand years. To make this even nicer, I believe my mother is connected to his wife, Bess's family tree. Was I ever shocked to find my findings landed on Bess. Would she ever be surprised. I have since heard that she hadn't liked Jews.

Bill Clinton is to be admired for his financial successes with the USA. We weren't in the hole when he was president. What has he done for Israel? For one, he did not think about terror as a serious threat, so he didn't seem to understand what Israel was facing. After the attacks on the World Trace Center of February 1993 and the Khobar Towers in June 1996, he still wasn't moved to take serious steps here. This is shown by his decision to make terror a criminal offence instead of an act of war. He was not friendly with the CIA or even on speaking terms with the FBI, so he wasn't in tune with the main security agencies. America was not prepared for a 9/11. Being that he didn't take terrorism seriously, he probably wouldn't have gone into Iraq, which was something Israel wasn't even happy about. I believe that when the USA went into Iraq, Israel's response was, "Not Iraq!" There was a balance between Iraq and Iran, two warring countries. They had kept each other in check. Now Iran has the power and it's in the hands of a meshugana.

Thanks to Clinton, in 1993 he "compelled" the Rabin government to bring back from Lebanon 415 Hamas leaders that Israel had expelled. That should have made the Muslim Brotherhood very happy besides the Islamic Republic of Iran. I don't know what that was so necessary to him. He wasn't president of Israel and wasn't currying favors or votes there, or was he?

The Saudis have been quite friendly with both Clinton and Bush for various reasons. This Arab country donated from 10 to 25 million dollars to the Clinton presidential library fund. Prince Bandar commented that Saudis take care of friends when they leave office.

Last week Clinton knocked my socks off when he said that Russian Jews that have immigrated to Israel were critical of the "peace process of Judea and Samaria." They seemed to be in the way of what Clinton expected. What a lot of chutzpa that was to criticize a group of our immigrants. That was the worst remark that I have heard from this president other than "I did not have sex with this woman".

Bush was a different story. He is a very friendly person and was very open. He showed the public that he was friends with Israel. He even went to Israel for the 60th birthday celebration and was most friendly with PM Olmert. Along came the Saudis with pressure and threaten and by August 2001 he started sponsoring a Palestinian state. By November 2005 Condoleezza Rice "compelled" Israel to open the Rafah crossings against Israel's protesting. She was the one who pressed for elections in the Palestinian Authority on January 25, 2006 causing Abbas to lose and allowed a terrorist group, Hamas, to win. They most likely won with terrorism on most of their own constituants. So Abbas, a more moderate man, lost face and had to stay in Judea/Samaria. Gaza has been the center of terror ever since then for Israel. Now Abbas is still under pressure, from what I can see, from Hamas in his decision not to recognize Israel. that's just what Hamas is all about; not recognizing Israel and instead wiping her out.

To top it off, the National Intelligence in November 2007 came up with reports said there was no threat in the Iranian nuclear program. Now, in 2010 the ultimate danger can happen at any time. If it wasn't for the Stuxnet computer worm, they may have been able to be up and ready to discharge their weapons right now. At least, for the moment, they have been deterred.

What has Obama done to harm Israel? First, he has never claimed to be a friend. In fact, in June 2009 in his Cairo speech he publicly showed that he preferred the Arabs over Israel. Today he has been pressuring Israel and dangling favors in front of them to extend the settlement freeze past the 10 month extension that Israel had already given. Hillary Clinton and Mitchell have constantly beeen in Israel pressuring the government to go along with their thinking. When Netanyahu stayed the course of his government and was in the White House discussing the situation, Obama stiffed him by showing his distain by not inviting him to dinner, and having him enter through a side or back door, as I remember. That event was shocking to me.

Until now, ever since Truman in 1948, American presidents have said they were friends of Israel. This is something that the Muslim world community has held against the USA. Despite what America has done in its actions which have had nothing to do with Israel, they have complained that after all, they are friends with Israel. To be our friend has evidently been a stigma to this president. Other presidents have held the course of being our friend, even though in reality they "knew not what they were doing with us". Obama has been much easier to read.

I have read many times when something or someone comes along, the question, "but is this good for the Jews? That's the question being asked about Obama. Since 1948 we've had Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford and Carter. Carter has been the most damagining for Israel. He has written books that are very damaging where he has cited incorrect information. His harm continues today. Since his presidency there has been Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II and now Obama. He's the 12th president on the timeline of history who has not presented himself as a friend. The question remains; is he a foe? Is Barack Obama "Good for the Jews" by Dr. Joel Fishman, a Fellow at a research institute in Jerusalem.

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