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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Catholics Sacrifice Israel's Well Being

Yesterday the Vatican City announced the findings of a two-week meeting of 246 Middle East bishops and religious leaders led by Pope Benedict XVI. They admit that the Koran is a text encouraging Islam to impose itself with permission to kill Christians. It gives orders to impose their religion with force, with the sword. They were all warned to guard against the spread of "terrorist ideology" in the modern world. Among the Catholics attending were Mohammad al-Sammak, political counsellor in Lebanon representing Sunni Islam, and Ayatollah Seyed Mostafa Mohaghegh Ahmadabadi, a professor in Tehran representing Shia Islam.

That must have been a strange meeting to have the people you are talking about and warning others of sitting in your midst. I am very surprised with this. I imagine they were there to hear the Pope give up Israel's rights.

So today these same Catholic bishops urged the United Nations to end the Israeli "occupation" of Arab lands at the end of a meeting chaired by Pope Benedict XVI. They asked the UN to work to find a peaceful solution in the region through the Security Council's resolutions which means for Israel to leave territories taken in 1967 war including east Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza.
They want the Palestinian people to have their independent homeland. The State of Israel will be able to have peace and security within their internationally recognized borders.

Jerusalem will have its proper status of 3 religions: Jewish, Christian and Muslim, they say, if Israel follows this. They came up with repeatedly saying that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the root of the tension in the whole Middle East, so now that they see they can be attacked by extreme Muslims, they are giving into their demands, thinking this will protect them.

What's worse, they blame the Israelis living in Judea and Samaria saying that they do not have a right to occupy the land anymore as "Christ's" presence abolished the promise G-d made to the Jews. Jews are no longer a favoured people, a chosen people. Now everyone is the chosen people, stated Lebanese-born Butros.

Regardless of the fact that we feel we have the bible to back our history that we lived in all of Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria and Gaza two thousand years ago, we are basing our legal right to be there by the fact that we were attacked in 1967 and won that war. We had a great loss of people then and since the birth of our country, Israel. We've had to fight for the small piece that was finally settled on us in the first place. The Palestinians have not claimed these areas since then as their own state and will not recognize us. The reason there has been no settlement about it is that they will not live peacefully with us but mean by any means possible to force us out. Now they are using the Catholics. That was a quick win, wasn't it.

The rightous bishops have not been really studying the facts at all if they are so gullible as to think that by sacrificing Israel to pacify the Muslims will bring Cum By-yah to the area. They say they condemn violence and terrorism but by giving into these demands they have signed their own death warrents and certainly have not helped to keep our chances of staying in the small area we started with in 1948. I think this decision will go down in infamy. : Koran encourages "killing Christians". Vatican body urges UN to end Israeli occupation

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