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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Intel in Oregon and Israel

Intel has 15,000 employees in Oregon, more than any other business. They are planning on building a semiconductor factory in Israel which means a $2.75 billion expansion. They build parts for computers. Intel is in 14 different sites in the United States.

The Oregon site is in Hillsboro, 16 miles from Portland. They started the business here in 1976 We have Israelis working at Intel.

10/6/10: Today's paper has another article titled: Governor will talk trade in Israel. Ted Kulongoski has a delegation planned for October 25 for 8 days of a trade mission to Israel. This will be his 2nd trip to Israel in the past two years and actually his 4th trip to Israel. He will meet with clean tech companies and venture capitalists and visit an Intel facility that is slated for expansion.

Israel is as far ahead as any country in the world on renewable energy, he commented. He thinks Israel and Oregon can partner on these things. He will also visit Intel's semiconductor factory in Kiryat Gat in the south. The Israelis working here in Hillsboro come from that facility to train them on new manufacturing technology. The Kiryat Gat factory is going to have a $2.75 billion dollar expansion. The Oregon chip industry people think an even larger project is planned here.

The Port of Portland is also sending a delegation. Last year Oregon exports to Israel added up to $107 million , which is 21st among the state's biggest trading partners. Oregon's top export country is China which bought $3 billion in Oregon last year. The governor said that we have a very strong commercial connection with Israel. He believes in Israeli democracy and sees an economic opportunity for Oregon with Israel. "I've always been taken by it", he said. "I'm a student of history."

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