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Friday, October 29, 2010

Jews Living in Judea and Samaria

Judea/Samaria's Jewish Population Growing
by Nadene Goldfoot

Jewish population in Judea/Samaria in 2009 was 303,900. It has gone up by 7.0%. This is a little less than the population of Portland, Oregon, which has 566,141 and is the largest city in Oregon.

The total population of Judea/Samaria is 2,311,204. Not many older people live here, only 3.50%. The main body is from 15 to 64 years old and amounts to 52.80%, which is a little over half of the population. Children from 0 to age 14 make up 43.80%.

The total population of Oregon is 3,421,399.

Of Judea/Samaria, 75% of the population are Sunni Muslims. Jews make up 17% and Christians and others amount to 8%. The intention of a created "Palestine" would be only Muslim, while Israel contains over a million Muslims.

The size of Judea/Samaria's land amounts to 5,860 km or 2,262 sq. miles.

Oregon's size is 251,419 sq km or 97,073 sq. miles. So although the population in Judea/Samaria is slightly smaller than Oregon, the size of Oregon is enormous compared to Judea/Samaria.

We withdrew all of the Jews out of Gaza in the name of peace, complying with Gazan wishes. Now it's just a place where they shoot at us. We still haven't relocated all of the Jewish residents that had to leave from there permanently. It would be a terrible ordeal to have to do the same thing in Judea/Samaria. Can you imagine having to relocate Portland's residents in an already crowded area?

I remember when the Ethiopian Jews came to Israel and were relocated in Safed. Safed is very cold in the winter, being on top of a mountain. It has the same altitude just about as Jerusalem. These poor people came from hot Africa in sheets, barefoot, and I wondered why we housed them there. It was because we had apartment buildings that were empty. They soon filled. The same thing happened when Russian Jews arrived in Israel. They were relocated in the hottest areas. Again, that was the area with the most available housing. Probably many had to live in tents for awhile. The Russians really wanted to live in Tel Aviv, being lovers of opera, symphonies, etc. Many held out in goverment housing such as where I lived while studying Hebrew in the Mercaz ha Klitta until housing became available.

The Jews in Judea/Samaria are religious and are there for that reason; Judea Samaria is dear to our history. Our history centers around our religion, unlike many countries. Finding it placed in our laps after the 1967 war was like a miracle. We lost many lives in that war as well as all other previous wars where we have been attacked just for existing. My feeling is that if the Palestinians don't want to lose possible land, they shouldn't start attacking Israel. They are complaining over the spilled milk that they themselves spilled.


eQuosia said...

I totally agree.
Myself, I came from Russian with my family and we did indeed settle not far from Tel-Aviv :) The cultural center of Israel.

I have some friends from "The Territories" and most of them are just ordinary folks with lots of patriotism and lots of babies.

Virtually every source I referred to points out that Jews in the Judea and Samaria have many more babies than Palestinians and can become (if not a majority then at least a) force that has to be reckoned with.

I guess with all due respect (and I do respect the Palestinians's right of self-determination) if we hold on to the territories just a few more years we'll be able to start on a process that we'll satisfactory to both parties and we'll end up keeping Judea and Samaria

Nadene Goldfoot said...

I sure hope so.