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Monday, November 1, 2010

High School Game: Kidnapping "Jews" to be Pursued by Nazis

On May 20th La Quinta High School students created a game of pretending to be a kidnapped and blindfolded Jew, taken in a car to some unknown spot on the highway and dumped, and then be pursued by "Nazis." This game started right on the school grounds of this school which is part of the Desert Sands Unified School District in Palm Springs, California. What were they looking for, a thrill of danger? Computer games aren't enough today; they want the real thing. Gamers were called on through Facebook where 40 friends signed up. Luckily, only 7 played the game. If they had found this game fun, I'm sure they would have attracted the others. It probably was dependent on the number of cars involved and how many playing would be the Nazis.

The Jewish Federation of Palm Springs is helping the school district with some anti-bias education created from the ADL called "A World of Difference, " said Bruce Landgarten.

What happened to week end dances? What happened to scavenger hunts? What happened to football games? Is reality TV the cause of this game? These kids certainly do need some empathy education, for what they're getting is creating some monsters. I'm just glad that the school will be taught a lesson through ADL. Perhaps the parents and teachers need to join their children on this learning situation, too.

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