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Monday, November 22, 2010

US Speaking With Forked Tongue Again

Nadene Goldfoot's take on situation.
First, the forked tongue spoke to the Indians and gave them a raw deal. Now it has been happening to Israel, over and over from the US.

Obama and Clinton both promised in AIPAC meetings to people concerned about Israel that Jerusalem would remain whole.

Last week they offered Netanyahu such a deal that he couldn't hardly resist; 20 Jet fighters free if he would only stop building in Judea and Samaria for three months in order to get the Palestinians to the peace table and talk turkey.

Now, suddenly, all the newspapers in Israel and the US seem to have reported this wrongly.

Obama officials are denying the November 11th pledged package deal. They were just misleading. Oh my. Now they say they agreed to nothing beyond US political support and diplomatic guarantees. Netanyahu had to remind Obama again that Jerusalem is a city and not a settlement and was never part of any deal. How can such smart people forget such things?

The translation of Clinton and Obama's words were simply wrong. Basically it was Clinton whose words were not exactly like those of Obama.

So really, verbal meetings just don't amount to a hill of beans. Everything must be in writing and gone over with a fine tooth comb with lawyers to be understood. Then again, there's the language barrier, even though Netanyahu speaks excellent English. Somehow, what is said and what is meant afterwards just don't match up.

Knowing this, Netanyahu was smart enough to ask for the promises in written form, which have never arrived. Netanyahu asked for 3 conditions;

1. Guarantee that this would be the last freeze asked of Israel (this would be the 2nd one)

2. Veto a demand of the Palestinians to become independent in the UN without peace talks with Israel.

3. Not to pressure Israel during the 3 month freeze

Israel had never asked for any freebies. They had already put in an order of 20 jets to the US before this had come up.

The US still demands that the building freeze must cover Jerusalem and Israel will not be rewarded with warplanes for free. Such a deal. My bet is that this understanding came about after the Palestinians announced they were sitting tight and not moving till Israel gave up East Jerusalem to them. Or would it have been when Clinton and Obama were reminded that they couldn't spend so much money anymore? Maybe both? Promises, promises.... by David Bedein

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