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Monday, November 1, 2010

Jerusalem Needing Solomon's Wisdom Right Now

Our Israeli government states that Jerusalem is our eternal and indivisible capital of Israel.
The Palestinians want the Eastern sector of Jerusalem as their state capital. The middle East conflict is centering on this issue.

This difference has caused PM Netanyahu to ban all political events by the Palestinians in Eastern Jerusalem. He has received reports that the PM Salam Fayyad is opening two schools there and wants to have ceremonies for it. I imagine that the fear is that there will be demonstrations involved against Israel and they hope to prevent this.

I see this situation as problematic . The problem causing it is that the Palestinians are supposed to get permission before they do things in Jerusalem and they haven't. It's like the fact that we would have to get building permits to renovate or build in our city in the USA. the schools they have renovated needed it. Israel couldn't afford to do it right now and the PA had the money. Israel couldn't afford to do it because so much money has to be spent on security.

Of course, besides this fact, when you get down to it, Israel is not willing to divide Jerusalem.

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