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Monday, November 1, 2010

Bombs Destined for Chicago Synagogue

The last few days have seen numerous newspaper and TV accounts of bombs placed in computer cartridge printers in cargo planes that were destined for a synagogue in Chicago. The planes happened to have to go through Britain and Dubai before getting to Chicago.

This caused a cargo plane to be searched and interrupted the schedule. Cell phones could have caused the bombs to go off, so the thought is that they may have wanted to blow up the planes in the air. The bombs were loaded in Yemen. Most likely, an al Qaida man, Ibrahim Hassan al Asiri was the creator of these bombs.

Our government found out about the bombs through a tip from Saudi Arabia, who has been infiltrating spies in Yemen.

"Hanan al-Samawi, 22, a student at the University of Sana'a, was arrested after police surrounded a house in the Yemeni capital. Her 45-year-old mother was arrested with her, according to Yemeni human rights activist Abdel-Rahman Barman." Hanan was thought to the the person who mailed the bombs.

Coming at a time just before the mid term elections caused many to wonder just what the bomber had in mind. Was this timing just a coincidence? If on purpose, for what ends?

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