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Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Contraversial George Soros, Multimillionaire

I've been watching the Glenn Beck show which has been running a 3 day program about George Soros because Beck is very concerned about the motives of this powerful financier. I had heard of Mr. Soros as the backer of J Street, an organization stepping on the toes of AIPAC, saying they are concerned with Israel but showing it in their way and not supportive of the present government, necessarily. Knowing that they were being supplied with money from Soros was quite a revelation. Then I heard of Soros's activities during WWII.

"Throughout three programs this week, Mr. Beck has portrayed Mr. Soros, a billionaire investor and philanthropist, as a “puppet master” who is “notorious for collapsing economies and regimes all around the world” and whose “next target” is the United States. Citing Mr. Soros’s statements about the decline of the dollar, Mr. Beck said, “Not only does he want to bring America to her knees, financially, he wants to reap obscene profits off us as well.”

Today Abraham Foxman of the ADL criticized Beck for mentioning that at age 14 Soros was helping an anti-semite confiscate property from Jews who were being sent to prison camps. I might mention that Beck is very supportive of Jews and of Israel as I have watched programs of his where he was one of the few people backing Israel.

Soros was born as Schwartz Gyorgy on August 12, 1930 in Budapest, Hungary. When age 13, which was then March 1944, the Germans occupied Hungary. He found work at the Jewish Council who were elected to carry out anti-Jewish measures. Soros had the job of handing out deportation notices to people. When interviewed about it, I saw that he did not have any remorse about doing what he had to do then. This was a very hard-hearted statement to say in an interview that would be seen by many people. Today he is an atheist but says that he is G-d. I'm not sure if he is saying this tongue in cheek or if he is coming to actually believe it. He certainly has money to use to control people today so must be feeling like a puppeteer at least.

In 1936 his family changed their names to Soros because of the anti-semitism of the day.

He immigrated to New York city in 1956 and is an American citizen now. He's known as the man who broke the bank of England. He made one billion dollars during their 1992 financial crisis.

Beck gave his audience a terrific amount of information about Soros. I would think that Foxman did not see all three programs about him. Beck continually tells his audience not to take his word for anything but to do their own research. However, Beck has help doing this and comes up with facts not readily available to me in many cases. I admire him for digging so well for facts. I think it takes a company of people to dig up the facts Beck has and to be able to piece them together in a time line like he has done and then prepare a talk about it with visual aids. It is most alarming to find out how many many organizations he controls with his money. His political aura is not that of the tea party, I can tell you that much. He is more of the Alinsky type of thinking. I did tape his 2nd program which is loaded with this information.

George supports legalizing marijuana. He says that China has to fix the global currency crisis.
Whatever happens in our economy now, Mr. Soros may have been behind the scenes controlling the acts. I believe after watching Beck's three programs that Soros may be the playwright as well.

PS 11/13/2010 9:34PM Evidently Simon Greer, Jewish, is another George Soros groupie and is head of the Jewish Funds for Justice, another group against Israel as much as Glenn Beck is for it. He is raising quite the ruckus over Glenn pinpointing him. It's most disapppointing to find out about this meshugana Soros being anti-Israel with all the where-with-all to talk other Jews into following his lead. How can they be so gullible? It looks like money can buy common sense and then bury it in some cases. How sad.


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