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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Portland's Terrorist from Somalia

19 year old Mohamed Osman Mohamud, Somali born Portland terrorist could have blown up Pioneer Square's Christmas Tree lighting ceremony with 12,000 in attendance, including my only grandson. I wondered why someone who has been in schools in Portland would get the idea to do such a thing. He has been desirous of committing a jihad against the community he lives in. Portland has about 1,000 people living here from Somali. They have a mosque that was attacked after Mohamud's arrest with arson, no doubt as retribution for the possible slaughter of thousands.

Somalia is the 25th largest Muslim country in the world. It has a population of 9,558,666 with 99.9% being Sunni Muslims, which is the state religion. Their coalition government has a standing army of 10,000. The country's GDP is 600, very low considering The United Arab Emirates GDP is 37,293. The GDP (PPP) per capita is the data for the economy of the Muslim countries which can be used to compare rich to poor countries or compare the economies. We can take it that Somalia is a poor country and that Mohamud was very lucky that his parents were able to come here. Not only is it poor, but has seen its share of war. In 1982 they had the Ethiopian Somali Border War. In 1991, the year of his birth, rebels attacked Mogadishu, the city where he was born. Now he feels that it was the wrong move for his family to come here.

He was about 10 when he arrived in our country. His parents were able to see him go to school and even attend Oregon State for a year. They were so proud that he was attending college. I don't think we can blame poverty on his attitude.

Mosque officials said that Mohamud had visited there only once or twice a month since he came to USU in the fall of 2009. Smoking and drinking are not allowed in Islam, but Mohamud did these things in Corvallis. He withdrew from classes on Oct 6th. He was even accused of rape. He was in the fall 2009 and this year's winter classes only. To Amina Vora, 19 yr old Muslim lady from London, he didn't seem to be even moderately religious. But Mohamud was bent on jihad nevertheless and felt his parents would have to answer for living in the United States to Allah.

2009 is also when he started sending violent jihad emails and was discovered by the FBI. Another Muslim in the community, possibly a parent, tipped off the Bureau because they were concerned about Mohamud's increasing radicalism. The FBI then monitored his email.

Somehow, Mohamud became engrossed in jihad and felt determined to carry out the act against us. as of 12/13/10
Oregonian p. A6. 11/29/2010

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