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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Jews and Christians Facing Same Threat

Islam Killing Christians

by Nadene Goldfoot

Jews have been under the attack of Muslims ever since they came back to "Palestine." By the time they created Israel, they found themselves attacked within hours after the declaration. This has been going on for the past 62 years. Intermittedly, Christians are being attacked by Muslims in various parts of the world, also.

In the beginning of Islam in about 700 AD, the Muslims saw a difference between Christians and Jews and other non-Muslims. Jews were "people of the book," and gained a little respect because the leaders of the Muslims saw them as an incomplete but corrupted revelation recorded in the bible. They had to pay special taxes and wear identifying clothing, not build their homes too high and endure other "special treatments." They were called dhimmi. Life under the Ottoman Empire turned out to be a better deal in many ways than living in Russia and facing pogroms and having to live in a restricted area, The Pale of Settlement.

Today, Christians and Jews are called Kuffr, or infidels. Islam is the leading religion in about 46 countries and varies a little in each. Some practice strict sharia where apostasy is a capital crime, and infidels deserve death. In just about all of these countries, Christianity is not respected at all.

The violence that is erupting today is aimed not simply at the political and economic leadership of the West, or just at Israel's presence, but at its Judea-Christian tradition. While Islam continues to call Christians and Jews as Kuffr, we know we're still targets under the judgement of death.

On September 25, 2002, militant Muslims killed 7 Christian Pakistanis execution style by shooting in Karachi. By October 17, bombs killed 6 Christians and wounded 143 in Zamboanga, the Philippines. They were killed by Muslim extremists because of their religion. It was the 5th bloody attack on Christians in Pakistan in the last 12 months.

Ethiopia's Christians have been killed by Muslims for the past 30 years. It was indeed a religious war between Muslim Eritrea and Christian Ethiopia. Tens of thousands have died. The people of East Timor, Christians, were savaged by the Muslim Indonesian militants. Thousands of Christians died in riots in the Moluccan Islands in 2000.

A bloody war in Sudan has raged with the Muslim government in the North against the Christian and animist South. In Nigeria, Muslims have tried to impose a strict version of Sharia in provinces causing armed conflicts between the Muslims and Christians to erupt ending with thousands dying. Along the Ivory Coast, Muslims in the North have attacked Christians in the South. Many Coptic Christians were killed in Egypt in January 2000. Several churches were burned in Kenya the following year.

All these attacks have been going on and it looks like our presses have been reticent to come out and print the facts that these deaths have been caused by Muslims. It has become politically correct not to blame Muslims for any problems. Even when on 9/11, Saudi Muslims rammed into the Twin Towers and killed over 3,000 people, the United States cannot come to grips that we may also be in for more attacks by Muslims, even though they are still happening. It's easier to say that they just happened to be Muslims, and that is all there is to it. Just today in Portland, Oregon came news that the FBI foiled a plot by a 19 year old naturalized Corvallis man , Mohamed Osman Mohamud, born in Somali. He was attempting to bomb and kill as many people as possible who were attending a Christmas tree lighting ceremony downtown , attended by about 12,000 including my grandson. The FBI had been following him since August 2009. In his words, "I want whoever is attending that event to leave, to leave either dead or injured." TV news coverage mentioned that it may have been his parents who became alarmed and turned him in. Here is a case of the younger generation being violent with moderate parents. Mohamud had connections in Pakistan and wanted to participate in violent jihad. This is the 2nd case in Portland. From August to December of 2003, six of seven members of a Portland based terrorist cell pled guilty of terrorism related charges.

It's time to take our heads out of the sand and look at the evidence of what is happening to Islam and to the rest of the Christians in the world. Everyone has sat back nonchalantly while Jews have been attacked over Israel and have figured that Jews are just bad people. So go the Jews, then so go the Christians. This appears to be another bloody war with religious dominational aspirations.

Our White House keeps stating that our fight is only with terrorists, not Muslims. Terrorists do command great sympathy in the Islamic world. Islamic populations are anti-American or anti-western and they are attacking infidels. An Afghan gentleman freed from detention at Guantanamo in November 2002 told a Washington Post reporter: "the Americans treated me well, but they were not Muslims, so I didn't like them."

It's too bad that Islam has not learned to think outside the box with the minds of most Americans, but that has not happened except in a few cases. At a conference held by Iraninian reformers in Isfahan, Ebrahim Moosa, iman from South Africa teaching at Duke University, urged that Islam be recast in order to accommodate liberal attitudes and wanted three changes: recognition of women's equality with men; toleration of capitalism; and recognition of the full dignity and humanity of nonbelievers. This was quite a revelation. It has not been accepted by the others.

One group of Christians, the Evangelicals, have been most supportive of the Jewish Israel, while other groups have blindly joined the bandwagon to destroy this 62 year old state by promoting ways of bringing it down to total destruction like boycotting products from Israel. This is a time when we need to join hands to assist Israel in its valiant efforts to remain a state, not to offer uncalled for condemnation. John Hagee, leader of Evangelical Christianity, has studied the issues well concerning Israel and the Palestinians and has written the book, "In Defense of Israel. His members have joined Jews in working on educational materials as well as being in committees to help combat propaganda against Israel.

So far since 1980, America has experienced 318 terrorist incidents. Out of these, only 6% were executed by Islamic terrorists. The problem remains where the Koran teaches jihad. Whether or not Muslims will accept moderate interpretations of Islam or are tending to accept a strict Sharia gives us the indication of their attitude towards the non-Muslim.

Author and commentator Daniel Pipes says that there are no less than 130 million Islamic jihadists but Prof. Sharma of India on November 8, 2006 has come to the number of on more than one in one hundred of the 180 million young fundamentalist Muslim men are prepared mentally, morally and spiritually to be terrorists. This means that there are 1.8 million actual Islamic jihadists on the planet as of November 2006. He did say that this number could jump 100 fold almost instantaneously should the opportunity arise. While only 15% of Muslims are potential jihadists today, that % is growing rapidly. Because of OPEC funding and clerical indoctrination, the Islamic world is growing more fundamentalist. In twenty years most Muslims could be terrorists. When America invaded Iraq, Professor Sharma felt his analysis was validated. Acts of terrorism increased over 1 million %; from one every several months to 100's per day. Needless to say, Sharma was very much against invading Iraq.

Polling data from Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Lebanon, and the recent Palestinian elections show 60 to 70 % of Muslims worldwide are Salafists, meaning they are fundamentalist Islam, the Islam of all terrorists and it's not a fringe movement. Turkey's president, Ahmet Necdet Sezar is a fundamentalist Muslim. Where they had been friendly with Israel, they have recently turned against her. The 9/11 suicide bombers were Salafi Muslims. 99.99% of Islamic terrorists are of this ilk. Shia mullahs are also Salafists. They rule Iran, as we have seen with the poisonous anti-Semitic words that pour out of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's mouth. Polls indicate that a high percent of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia support Osama Bin Laden. Baby boys born in Muslim nations are being named for him.

The pool of terrorists comes from a possible 300 million males from age 15-30. Recognize reality. Threats exist-even in Portland.

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