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Friday, October 15, 2010

Homes For Israel in East Jerusalem

The United States is very disappointed that Israel has decided to go ahead with plans of building 238 homes in East Jerusalem. Everyone thinks that this is reason enough not to go ahead with any talks about peace.

Well, I'm disappointed with the United States in not understanding that we just may not be ready to give away East Jerusalem to a future Palestine. Ohama had said to us that Jerusalem should be united for Israel. How would he like to give away 1/4 of Washington DC?

We've been playing the give-away game for a long time, now, and the last mistake was Gaza. The Hamas are not about to make peace with us. They just want to destroy Israel, so, we're building Israel.

The reporters and peace-makers are quick to judge that Netanyahu is not interested in peace. Of course they are so wrong. That's exactly what we want. But we're not going to sacrifice anymore. We've had it.

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