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Friday, October 1, 2010

News Host Cried: CNN Owned by Jews

Now I’ve heard everything.

A CNN news host, ,Rick Sanchez, was fired for saying that CNN was owned by Jews and fired him because he’s Latino. He was born in Guanabacoa, Cuba and raised in a suburb of Miami, Florida.

Good grief! Here we go again. Everything is owned by the Jews; that is if you don’t like them. Our less than 1% of people certainly do get around, don’t we? I wish my friends would tell me what their secret is in owning everything. How did I get left out.

Since when, I'd ask him, don't Jews like Latinos? We have Jews in Latin America. Look at Mexico. On my one and only trip to Mexico when my children were in grade school, we were stumbling about in Mexico City and it was lunch time. We came upon a Jewish restaurant-in Mexico! What a wonderful surprise that was. During the Inquisition 1479-1492, Jews escaped to Mexico when all practicing Jews were expelled from Spain. They were safe for awhile, but then the Inquisition followed them there. Other reasons have brought Jews to Mexico as well.

Jews fled to Cuba at the time of the Inquisition also, so they've been there for centuries. Those of today are mostly non practicing. There are probably many Cubans with ancestors who were Jewish, and they are unaware of it without a dna test. Many Cuban Jews have also found a haven in Florida because of Castro and communism. Right now I'm very amazed and pleased that Castro has come out saying that Israel has every right to protect herself.

This was reported on NBC, by the way, here in Portland .

Research: NBC Channel 8

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