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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Listening to a Deranged Individual: Ahmadinejad

Why are we being so polite and listening to the madman, Ahamdinejad, who comes to our country, stays in the best hotel and rants and raves against us? I would think that the only people who should be interested in him would be psychologists or psychiatrists.

Here we see an interesting country like Iran taken over by religous zealots who mean harm to the world, starting off with Israel. Perhaps politicians are making nice with him because he is so mad; one doesn't know when he'll send a bomb your way.

First off, he remains in denial to the world about the Holocaust, a very well known part of history of WWII where Nazis ruled the side of the Axis and caused 6 million Jews plus other people to be slaughtered. Their aim was to kill off all 14 million Jews existing in the world at that time. Muslims were a part of that axis group and cheered them on, even helping to plan ways of killing Jews. Nice cousins, we have, I see. Ahmadinejad has the chutspa to ask, "Why is the world so sensitive about killing 6 million Jews?" Evidently to him it must be a very logical and wise thing to do. After all, that's what most of us know he's planning on doing once he has his atomic weaponry ready, which many think will happen in the next two years. Ahmadinejad thinks the Holocaust has been greatly exaggerated for a pretext for the next war. Yet it's he who is doing the threatening. Israel is his first target and he's been most vocal about it.

It has been discussed in the news that since Iran has verbally threatened Israel with destruction and cannot be stopped from manufacturing its deadly atomic weapons, Israel may bomb the facilities before they are in working progress. It's sort of like, let Israel do it, for I think most all countries would like to see their facilities destroyed before we all are blown up. Ahmadinejad knows, this. After all, Israel did put an end to a facility in Iraq very carefully. So he has threatened us all by saying that if it happens they would unleash a "war without end."

He must live in a bubble. He's also saying that the United States has never won a major war. He even mouthed off that we have never entered a serious war and have never been victorious. We don't understand what war looks like. He says war, real war knows no limits. Can you imagine what he is talking about? No rules of war. Slaughter anyway you can or want. Tell this to our veterans.

The United States and of course, Israel, were not the only ones attacked in his speech. The International Atomic Energy Agency was next. He said they were dominating other countries. Gosh! He doesn't like rules and regulations, does he? That tells me he has no intention of following them. He went on to blame capitalism for the world's ills.

On Thursday he will speak before the United Nations Security Council. I wonder what more he'll say to them. No doubt he'll first complain about the four rounds of sanctions they have tried to enforce to halt its nuclear weapons program. Even Barack Obama has said repeatedly that if sanctions do not succeed, all options remain on the table. What would that be, I wonder.


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