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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Revolutionary Offensive Muslim Fatwa Against West

Going from Defensive to Offensive Fatwa
Nadene Goldfoot

What is a fatwa? It's a legal document from a religious law specialist of Islam on a specific issue. In other words, it's Islam's way of saying that something is "kosher" to do according to Islam.

A fatwa just issued is joining the ranks of terrorism. Dr. Imad Mustafa of al Azhar University in Egypt issued a new type of fatwa allowing offensive jihad against those of us that are not Muslims. This allows those radicals to pursue us who are called infidels into our own country, even if we haven't acted aggressively towards them. All we have to do is interfere with their religious devotions.

This fatwa is designed to enforce Islam by demanding that any Muslim practice is not to be blocked. This means that Muslims living in a foreign country intend to practice such Islamic institutions such as polygamy, child marriage and building mosques wherever they see fit. They intend to wear scarves and burkas and be given the special privileges that they need without interference. If they are confronted, watch out!

Hopefully, not everyone is as contempuous as Dr. Mustafa and will not practice such a fatwa. There are radical people who might, however. Right now the Arabs of the Middle East are quite as discontented as the Tunisians have been in not having jobs. Many are in an "unprecedented state of anger and frustration" due to their country's economic status. Those living in the USA should be happy that they are here.

The people that issue fatwas certainly have a different outlook than a Western thinker. Sheikh Ali Osman from the Egyptian Waqt ministry decided that pigs were reincarnated Jews, thus it was okay to slaughter them, but they are not allowed to eat them. The Arabs are actively attempting to remove every religion but Islam from the Arabian peninsula while they are spreading out into Western lands with theirs.

Holland has been one country warning others of the problems they have had with their Muslim immigrants. New York City is now fighting a mosque going up within a few blocks from 9/11. England and France has seen observant Jewish men attacked on the streets. A fatwa was issued against a Danish cartoonist several years ago which was singling out a specific person. This new one issued is non specific. Salman Rushdie had a fatwa on him for writing "The Satanic Verses" in 1989. The child's show, Pokemon has a fatwa on it. The Muslim invoker said that it promotes the theory of evolution, a Jewish Darwinist theory that conflicts with Islamic principals.

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