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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Unconventional Attacks on Israel/Jews

Nadene Goldfoot Sderot in Southern Israel after Rocket attack from Gaza

I feel that an attack on Israel is also attacking Jews, for Israel is the only Jewish state in the world. Even at that, it shares the tiny space with a little over a million Arabs, a mixture of Christians and Muslims, mostly Muslims.

Today I see the weirdest sort of attacks on Israel. The latest is that the minority of Christians in Egypt, called Copts, have been attacked. The 90% of Muslims populating Egypt are now blaming Israel's Mossad for the attack. We've been blamed for everything bad that happens to communities such as poisoning the wells, spreading disease, etc. and now attacking the few Christians in Egypt. Unfortunately, it's easy to persuade excitable people that we are the cause. Just say "the Jews did it" and a majority of people believe it.

Another thing that is happening is that such people as Archbishop Tutu of South Africa speak out against Israel. He's taken the Palestinian's efforts of reducing Israel to ashes as his own. There goes the morality of the world! It has come down to the fact that it's okay to attack a small nation legitimately created, in any way, as amoral as possible, and rightous people will side with you if you're attacking Jews.

Israel is not fighting another army. It's fighting groups of terrorists who play dirty pool in their fighting, especially towards their own people. They fight among their civilians, hiding ammunition in schools and mosques and people's homes. They hide behind women and kidnap soldiers. They aim their deadly weapons at civilian neighborhoods, not army depots. This way they can blame the Israelis for killing their poor people. Even Goldstone bought into this charge. The same situation has come to the American army fighting in Pakistan and Iraq.

This tiny state has had to raise generations of soldiers because they have experienced deadly attacks since 1948 during declared wars and inbetween. Needing Israel comes from 2,000 years of living in other people's countries and finding it hasn't worked out. There's always the virus of anti-semitism causing Jews to be ousted from countries such as England, Spain, Portugal, Russia proper, into the Pale of Russia, etc., or slaughtered and almost obliterated in Europe as in WWII. It took a long time to realize it, but Israel's birth was a necessity; not just a whim.

Fighting remains Israel's only way of survival among a group of people bent on their destruction. Yet do-gooders can't see the morality of the world disintegrating before their eyes by backing the people who have more hatred in their souls than wisdom. So every day to Israelis means facing their neighbors who launch rockets and missiles in their direction while the rest of the world cheers the antagonists on. Since 1948 the Arabs were offered their own state with Israel's agreement expecting it to happen, but it hasn't. This is only because they really don't have this as their goal. It's not in their plans. What they keep trying for it just to wear Israel and Israelis and the rest of the world down. For a people who had to wait 2,000 years to feel secure in their own land, they can wait more than 62 years for peace to finally come. Hopefully, the Arabs will wake up to the fact that they are the ones missing out in life, for Israel has found its purpose; to keep on existing, living and creating. L'Chaim! to Life!

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