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Sunday, January 12, 2014

England Sunk to EU Level of Anti-Semitism

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                   

The English have had years of clarity where they surpassed the USA in being able to judge what is morally responsible but lately they've missed the mark completely.  They were first to give the black slaves in the islands their freedom before the Americans did.  Now they've joined the EU in demonstrating their anti-Semitism.  Richard Bogle was a freed slave, freed by the British when he left Jamaica in the early 1800's and went to California to pan for gold when he met up with a wagon train going west.  This wagon train held the slaves owned by the train's leader who would not be accepted to live in Oregon.

They have become morally warped by joining the EU in the anti-Semitic act of Boycotting Israeli towns who produce foods and flowers in the Judea-Samaria Jordan Valley.   They joined the bandwagon entirely and blindly in this BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) movement that is an international campaign that brought down apartheid in South Africa.  They're trying to bring down the Israeli government by doing this.  What is important to know is that Israel's society is the exact opposite of apartheid, so it makes no sense at all, except that it was started by those that have sided with the Arabs who lived in Palestine at the time of 1948 when Israel was accepted into the UN as a state.  The Arabs didn't go along with this and fought against the new state.  The BDS campaign was started by Palestinian Arab activists in 2005 to pressure Israel to leave the "occupied" lands.

What are the "Occupied Lands" that the Arabs outside of Israel want for their state?  They think they should get all of Judea-Samaria, the Gaza Strip where Hamas terrorists have the power, and east Jerusalem which has been united with the rest of Jerusalem since 1967.  Israel has been suffering from constant attacks of missiles, mortars and rockets from Gaza since the day they relinquished it and moved out completely for the sake of peace.  Now they are to be attacked from 3 fronts and Kerry is going along with this?  Note that "Palestine" is to be Judenrein-free of all Jews.  Only Arabs can live there.  Talk about apartheid, but that's okay if the Arabs practice it.  I haven't noticed any BDS people upset by this.

You can't be living in an occupied land when you were attacked by all your neighbors who tried to kill you and destroy your land when you are the one who won:  and won by a miracle at that. The fact is that this was to be part of the Jewish Homeland in the first place and is some of the 80% that was lost to the Jews by the bungling of England.   The numerical odds in 1967 of the Arabs winning were far greater  but Israel won, as she also did in 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973 and 1982 and all the fights since then.  This is the only Jewish country in the world, cut down to 20% of the original size promised, and they are holding onto this 20% which is only 8,000 square miles for dear life.  Yet we see that it's much easier to give into the Arabs who are making a stink and want sections now of the 20% left, and threaten Israel.

I note that the AP article in our Oregonian newspaper  today wrote that "The Palestinians want a state in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and east Jerusalem, lands that Israel captured in a 1967 war, and the valley would form Palestine's eastern border with Jordan.  This is most misleading as it was a war Israel had to fight defensively.  They did not attack the Arabs.  Every war has been defensive that Israel has fought.  The way the newspaper writes, it sounds like Israel is the aggressor.  False!!!

 The newspapers are complicit in calling the towns "settlements."  Europe, England and the USA called groups of people who are living together names like villages, towns, cities.    We do not call them settlements.  A settlement according to the dictionary is a place NEWLY settled.  These places in the Jordan Valley are not new.  We think of settlement when we think of pioneers coming to the West in the USA in the 1800's and their first stop as a wagon train produced some settlements that went up.  Also, Israel uses the established names of Judea and Samaria, not the West Bank, which is the name given by Jordan who took the area illegally.  And why not, only the Jews complained.  Not England.  Psychologically, the Romans called the land Palestine to erase the Jewish stamp on the land, and Jordan did the same thing.  The worst part is that established nations go along with it.  What's in a name of a land is a lot of history and ownership. The Arabs never owned Palestine.  It was under the Ottoman Empire for the last 400 years and they were Turks but Palestine  never became a state.  This was simply undeveloped land.

It was decided on November 2, 1917 by the Balfour Declaration and then  by the League of Nations after WWI that the Jews, who had been without their state of Judah since 70 CE and had suffered greatly from anti-Semitism should be rewarded for Chaim Weismann's invention that improved their ammunition.  They also assisted  in fighting against the Axis and were rewarded by having Palestine as the Jewish Homeland after being homeless for 1,847 years.   England held the mandate, but changed the rules themselves by giving up land east of the Jordan River to the Arab leader, Abdullah,  who became the grandfather of Jordan's present day king.  In truth, Jordan is Palestine today, which actually puts Jordan in jeopardy as they are ruled by a Hashemite king.  In fact, the scuttle-but now is that Jordan may fall next because of all the aliens who have entered Syria in fighting against their president Assad. They'll want to overtake Jordan next.   Assad  is a nasty man, a hater of Jews, but he was hassled first by the Muslim Brotherhood and was fighting against them as they were trying to take over and kick him out as he is an Alawite Muslim, not a Sunni or even a Shiite.

England has been very hard on Jews in the past.  In 1290 they expelled all Jews out of England.  What started it?  Probably the Crusades that Germany led in 1096 where they massacred Jews living in European towns as they went through on their way to Jerusalem. England did their share also when they went through.   In three years they reached Jerusalem and massacred the Jewish community there along with Muslims because they couldn't tell one from the other and they didn't like Jews anyway.  Jews and Muslims teamed up against the Crusaders then, probably the only time they've been on the same side.

That act was followed by the expulsion of Jews from France in 1306.  Then as it spread in Europe, 12,000 Jews were massacred in Toledo, Spain in 1365.  Hungary got in the act by expelling Jews from 1349 to 1360, Austria in 1421 and then of course we get to the Spanish Inquisition of 1492, and then after that Portugal.  So England and Europe knew that they have been complicit in creating anti-Semitism in this world.  Perhaps they knew that this was the time to do something to make up for their sins and create the Jewish Homeland.

Today, after fighting a 2nd world war, England, the EU and even the USA are not about to fight against anything that might affect their comfort zone like the USA has done in the past.  The leaders are giving into the Muslim Brotherhood who have been led by their religious leader, Qaradawi,  whose compact is to destroy Israel and kill Jews.

The Boycott has been going on for several years now.  It is ironic that who is hurting are the 6,000 Arabs that are employed on the farms there have been greatly hurt by the boycott along with the farmers who have lost 14% of their exports.  Translated into money, that's a loss of $29 million dollars just last year.   That's because the Western European supermarket chains of Britain and Scandinavia are not buying their peppers, dates, grapes and fresh herbs.  7,000 Jews are economically hurting from the boycott.

Most Arabs living in Judea-Samaria do not want to be taken over by Fatah or Hamas.  They'd rather stay under Israeli management.

Who is England and the EU really caring about?  Isn't this comparable to the Crusades?  Kill off the Jews and their country?  Let the Arabs take it over?  Keep the 22 Arab nations of the neighborhood happy?  Sit back, close your eyes, watch your telly.  There never has been a state of Palestine.  Most all Arabs there were recent immigrants who came to find work from the Jews who were building up places like Tel Aviv. In fact, many Arabs were Beduins who were nomadic and ranged the whole land on camels.  The Arabs called themselves Syrians, not Palestinians.  Before 1948, both Jews and Arabs were referred to as Palestinians on their passports.  The name came from the Romans who renamed it in 135 CE.   A few had been landowners but most of them sold their holdings to the Jews so they could live in better places than this scrubby unwanted land that only Jews could love and nourish.  They charged exaggerated high prices and Jews paid because for them this was all  holy land and they had signed a compact with G-d through Moses to care for it.

England, you held the mandate to make sure the Jewish Homeland was created.  You've botched it terribly.  Now you've joined the side that is out to destroy Israel.  You're just like the Muslim Brotherhood in this.  So is the EU who have a longer history of anti-Semitic acts including the Holocaust.  Evidently you've all turned into wimps or gave up studying history, for this is an unforgivable sin.  We are now at the stage of 1939, back to the horrors man allowed 75 years ago.  It's time to get some backbone and some brighter students who are not sheep who follow the crowd  to stop such acts as this BDS movement.

This is why Israel is a very needed state.  Had Palestine  been open before and during  WWII, lives would have been saved, but England made sure that refugees from Germany and the rest of Europe would never land in "Palestine."  It was closed to them even though they were to have a Jewish Homeland.  It wasn't until 1948 and another vote in the UN that Israel was allowed as a state, and now everyone is in the act of destroying the only viable democratic state in the Middle East.  May G-d have mercy on Israel for their neighbors and "friends" know not or care not for what they do to harm you!  Once again Jews are being sacrificed politically.

From Time Immemorial by Joan Peters
Oregonian Newspaper1/11/14 page A3, boycott stings Israeli farms in West Bank, by Karin Laub, AP from Netiv Hagdud, Judea-Samaria

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