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Monday, January 6, 2014

Israelis Saving Lives of Syrians

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                          

                                                                                    Ayatolla of Iran

                                          Hallway in Rebecca Sief Hospital in Safed

The Ayatolla of Iran and other leaders  repeatedly call Jews viruses, monkeys, apes and other hideous adjectives in their brainwashing of their followers to hate or feel disgust towards the Jews and their Jewish state of Israel.  Naturally, the whole Middle East seems to be reflecting this same attitude.  Abbas refuses to accept Israel as a Jewish state.  Jews are unacceptable to his Palestinian ideals, a state, if it reaches fruition, to be devoid of all Jews, truly a real apartheid state.
          Doctor at Ziv Hospital attending Syrian woman injured in Civil War

Yet, the teachings of Moses permeates in the Israelis who live by the credo that life is important, not death.  They have helped 200 Muslim Syrians who have dared to cross the border into Israel seeking medical help over these last 9 months.  The 200th patient updates the number as of December 25, 2013.  One of the latest was a very pregnant mother in labor who managed to get to Safed where her son was born in their Rebecca Sief Hospital, known as Ziv Hospital which serves the upper Galilee and northern Golan with 310 beds.  This was my hospital where I visited several times, being it was on my block where I lived from 1981 to the end of 1985 in binyon (building 213 on David Eleazar Street.)  .  .

These people are grateful that they were given care, the same all the Israelis would receive.  They have returned to their country but cannot tell their friends where they have been for fear of their own lives being threatened there.  However, the word is out.  Go to Israel if you have been injured.  Some even come with references and names of a preferred surgeon someone found was wonderful.  At least these people will not be so apt to believe leaders who curse Jews and want to kill them all.  If they ever get a chance to vote in an election, they may not be voting against Israel.

The hospital is now collecting donations to help purchase medical equipment for wounded Syrians through its website.

Reference: , video from BBC

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