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Friday, March 7, 2014

Abbas Rejects Another Netanyahu Offer

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                  

               Palestinian leader, Mahmoud Abbas,  rejects deal on Syria refugees Offered by Netanyahu  The scuttlebutt is that Jews would remain and Palestine could not be Yudenrein (free of Jews.).  Of course they didn't go for that.  Abbas isn't going against the Muslim Brotherhood Charter which is to take all of Israel and kill the Jews which seems to be what Hamas is carrying out.  .  

Is the world ready for another Muslim majority state bringing the total up to 49 or more?  Wikipedia's count is 49.  This would be Palestine, the name the Romans gave to Judah and Israel in 135 CE when they finally won a 3 year battle with the last Jewish leader, Bar Kokhba.  The name was a take-off of an enemy of Israel's, the Philistines, which was really rubbing the  defeated Jewish state the wrong way, which was their intention.  Evidently Abbas is still holding out to make his state Yudenrein, free of all Jews, for none can ever live in his state, which is the original land of the Jews.  

As long as Netanyahu has to deal with Obama on St. Patrick's Day with another meeting about "Palestine" being created out of part of Israel's 8,000 sq miles which make up the only Jewish state in the world, let me remind these American fence menders that the Arabs were not all  indigent to the land of Palestine, but many slipped in with Britain's help when they were holding the mandate to create a Jewish Homeland!  Just read  Joan Peter's revelations  in "From Time Immemorial.  At the same time, the British kept the Jews out, even when Nazi Germany was trying to exterminate them.
Jews started building projects in the 1880's.
By 1914, at the beginning of WWI, the population of Palestine's land west of the Jordan River was estimated at 680,000 of whom 85,000 were Jews.

In 1920, 202 Arabs came into Palestine.
In 1921 190 Arabs came in.
In 1922, 284 entered Palestine.
By 1929, 1,117 Christian Arabs were entering.
By 1935,1,390  Muslim Arabs came into Palestine.
By 1945, there was a total population in Palestine of 401,149.  Out of that, 367,845 were Jews.  The Christian and Muslim Arabs combined made a total of 33,304.  These were the number of immigrants who registered as immigrants in the British Report.
 In 1934, only 1,784 non-Jews were recorded as immigrants, keeping out the list the Hauranis, or southern Syrian Arabs in the number of 30,000 to 35,000.  They had immigrated to Western Palestine, which was where the Jews lived, and were not included in British calculations.

The birthplace that Muslims listed in 1931 in Palestine were;  Palestine, Syria, Transjordan, Cyprus, Egypt, Hejaz-Nejd, Iraq, Yemen, Other Arabian Territories, Persia, Turkey, Central Asiatic Territories,  the Indian Continent, Far Eastern Asia, Algeria, Morocco, Tripoli, Tunis, Other African Territories, Albania, France, Greece, Spain, UK, USSR, USA, Central America; South America, Australia.

1893-total  of Arabs  within main Jewish-settled areas     92,300
1893-total of Arabs of Western Palestine                      466,400

1947-total of Arabs   within main Jewish-settled areas   462,900
1947-total of Arabs of Western Palestine                   1,303,800

AP, in their story about how Abbas is going to leave Palestinian refugees in Syria, expanded the population number of Arabs by saying, "Palestinians in Syria are descendants of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who fled or were driven from their homes in the war that followed Israel's creation in 1948.  "In addition, several million Palestinians live in neighboring Arab countries, including more than half a million in Syria." 

Please note that Israel is made up of 1.7 million Arabs as citizens and 6 million Jews.  Those that followed their leaders' orders to leave went into refugee camps and haven't changed their status.  They can only blame their leaders, not Israel when in those days they were in much smaller numbers.  

It must be those same leaders who have encouraged them to have their 4 wives and produce many many children to jump their numbers.  Notice that none of the surrounding Arab states have taken in any refugees because the leaders want  to take over Israel and are using their bodies for this purpose.  It's just like Abbas is doing today.  "The Palestinian president said he has rejected a conditional Israeli offer to let Palestinian refugees in war-torn Syria resettle in the West Bank and Gaza, charging it would compromise their claims to return to lost homes in Israel."  Their eyes are on the 8,000 sq miles making up Israel; Tel Aviv, Safed, Haifa, the whole state of Israel.  They are not interested in creating a state of their own and living in peace with Israel. 

The fact remains that the War of Independence began as a civil war between the Arabs and the Jews in Palestine after November 29, 1947.  It was started by the Arab who refused to accept the UN partition resolution.  From April 1948, units of Arab irregulars crossed into the country from Syria, Lebanon and Egypt to reinforce local Arabs in their attacks on the Jewish towns and in an attempt to block the main roads.  

May 14, 1948, Israel was invaded by the regular armies of Egypt, Transjordan, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon and a Saudi-Arabian contingent.  The next day, Azzam Pasha of the Arab League proclaimed in Cairo that "This will be a war of extermination and a momentous massacre which will be spoken of like the Mongolian massacres and Crusades.  Israel at the time was about 15 minutes old.  

Israel's population on its birth date was 650,000, about the same number that entered Canaan with Joshua during the EXODUS.  6,000 Jews were killed in this 1st war, more than in all the following wars combined.  

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From Time Immemorial by Joan Peters, page 255,  432.  

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