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Friday, April 25, 2008

Candidates Speaking Truthfully

Our Future President, Hopefully a Straight Shooter

One thing Native Americans quickly learned in their dealings with the White Man was that The Great White Father spoke with a forked tongue. Promises were made but broken easily. What was said by the white man to the Indian was not what they meant.

That fact is true with many people ever since then. Arabs say one thing in English to an English audience but something completely different in Arabic to their own people.

Reverend Jeremiah Wright just let it out that he says one thing to his parishoners and Obama says something different politically.

It all depends on who is listening and what the speaker wants from his audience. It has very little to do with truth.

Obama is in trouble because Americans have just learned that Black Churches are not simply a meeting place to pray and speak about G-d. They appear to be a political rallying place that have been "damning America.". Many have said that Wright's church is not unique. Most Black churches follow his example. This is shocking to white Americans. Obama has not disengaged from Wright. He said he can’t.

The same thing is most likely happening in mosques in Israel, West Bank and Gaza as well as surrounding areas. There, plans could be made for destroying Israel. Praying five times a day allows men to have many meetings that are of a political nature. Can that be happening here in the United States, also?

If we ever find someone who speaks honestly, like Abraham Lincoln or "Honest Abe", we will be very lucky. Who can we trust? Promises mean nothing. We have to look at other aspects of a person; who his friends are, what his accomplishes have been, what does his record show in past voting, and that gut feeling you may have.

It seems that all the candidates for the president do not use the same speech for all their audiences. They have different ones for the different kinds of groups with different agendas. Sometimes it’s to make such an impression that the end result is in donations to their cause.
One good example is House Speaker Jeff Merkley who is campaigning for the U.S. senate. He impressed the Palestinians enough to evoke a donation from Hala Gores, Palestinian American lawyer in Portland. Then he turned the tables and has taken a pro-Israeli stance at a forum at the Jewish Federation in Portland. He returned her $2,300 donation check but she didn’t take it back happily and both disagreed about the conversation which ensued, and whether or not Merkley cried as he handed the check over to her. "How can a candidate court a group like the Arabs and Muslims...and then go support the opposite side in such a manner? Said Peter Miller of the Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights. Merkley feels he has been consistent in his agenda about Palestinians and Israelis, but evidently this group doesn’t think so. I'm just hoping that Merkley truly feels that Israel deserves consideration and that's why he didn't keep the check that he had wanted. Both sides have learned something. Be care of what you say and who you are wooing and why, and listeners, beware of the forked tongue.

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