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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

General McPeak of Lake Oswego, OR and Israel

Letter to Editor:
In regard to Livingston’s letter "McPeak right about Israel", Gen. McPeak is following Carter’s viewpoint in blaming AIPAC, America’s only lobbying group supporting Israel. His long-time views against Israel are well known. Both Livingston and McPeak blame Israel for keeping a Palestinian State from being established. The only things keeping that from happening are the Fatah terrorists in Gaza who continue to fire rockets into Israel. Their goal is not to establish a Palestine, which didn’t come to mind until after 1967, but has always been to drive Israel into the sea. Israel would love to have a peaceful state instead of constant fighting. The information Livingston suggested is the most biased website I have ever seen. Israel has continually given land in order to have peace, even though they had a very small portion of land to begin with. AIPAC is our only spokesman in Washington. Don't blame them.
Nadene Goldfoot
Reference: Oregonian Newspaper

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