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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Love These Blogs

I've run across some blogs that I think are terrific. I was sent a clever piece about the fact that there has never been a state or country called Palestine, and that it was merely the name of an area. It was written by Yashiko Sagamori whose blog covers a lot of factual information about Israel. It's found at The writer is fantastic and tells it like it is.

Another one is UCI which sends me information every day. They are at I just ran off five handouts with maps, etc. that they sent .

A reader of my blog turned out to have her own and is a student of Jewish studies. Illana's blog is about grandmothers, of which I am one. It's at

My friend, Victor Sharpe, writes for the Israel Hasbara Committe and is one of Portland's finest writers and historians of Israel. That is found at He's also the author of several books.

Also, I have another blog about Israel at Sometimes I can't decide which one to put information in that I want to write.

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