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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Jimmy Carter Will Meet With Hamas

Going against the United States policy is ex-president Jimmy Carter. He is going to meet with Khaled Meshal, head of the Palestinian terrorists, Hamas. They will meet in Syria on Friday, April 18th. Meshal is now in Syria as Israel would arrest him, but continues to lead his terrorists from Damascus in comfort.

The United States has declared Hamas a "foreign terrorist organization." Meeting with him is something the "State Department would not possibly conceive of."

Carter has been supporting Palestinian extremism for a long time. He would be the first Western leader to meet with this man. The Bush Administration's practice is to isolate Hamas, having strong sanctions and refusing to meet until it recognizes Israel and abandon terror. By meeting with this terrorist, Carter is underminng the U.S. policy. This will encourage Europeans to do the same thing. What he's doing is enabling the terrorist to be a terrorist. It's giving legitimacy to a terrorist group. No matter what hat Carter is wearing, whether it be the head of the Carter center or former president, he'll be a former president to the world snubbing his thumb to America.

Interestingly, Saturday evening, April 19th is the night of the Jewish Seder, commemorating Passover, which lasts for 8 days in the USA, 7 days in Israel. Let us hope that War passes over Israel's doors, especially in Sderot and Ashkelon.
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