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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Finklestein Kept Out Of Israel and Dershowitz's Remarks

Nadene Goldfoot
Israel denied Professor Norman Finkelstein admittance into Israel on Friday, May 23rd. They felt that he had had contacts with people hostile to Israel because earlier this year Finkelstein had met a top Hezbollah commander in Lebanon. He also criticizes Israel and angers many Jews in the states and in Israel with his negative talks about Israel, the Holocaust and anti-Semitism. He was questioned in the airport near Tel Aviv and put on a flight back to Amsterdam, where his flight originated.

Finkelstein resigned from the university in Chicago last year after being denied tenure, probably for his outspoken offending diatribes.

He told the newspaper, Haarets that he is not an enemy of Israel and supports a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians.

He and Noam Chomsky have been on the same side of attacking Israel in every way.
Added 5/28/08
Alan Dershowitz called Finkelstein a "Holocaust-justice denier", and that Ernst Zundel admires him. He is the neo-Nazi who was convicted of Holocaust denial in Canada and Germany who said that Finkelstein was "exceedingly useful to the Revisionist cause. Finkelstein has also been called the "Jewish David Irving"-Holocaust denier and admirer of Hitler. "

He said that "Chomsky is not a denier. He gets in bed with deniers-like defending Roger Faurisson, a French history professor who argued that the gas chambers used by Nazis to exterminate Jews at Auschwitz did not exist; and for that was convicted of defamation, fined and given a prison sentence." Dershowitz points out that Finkelstein makes survivors seem like liers. Chomsky is a zealous anti-Zionistic person and flirts with neo-Nazi revisionism and Holocaust denial. He has tried to get universities to divest from corporations that have ties to Israel.
Resource: Yahoo news: Israel blocks US professor from entering country by J. Federman Alan Dershowitz speaks by Baltimore Jewish Times

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