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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Israel Poked Someone in the Eye ?

Today's letter to the editor titled, "A switch to Obama" gives me the shivers. Stephen Salisbury of Newport stated that, "We need to balance our trade, inform the Israelis that we will no longer come to their aid when they decide to poke someone in the eye,....."

That's about the gist of what people understand, I'm afraid. They just see us as two states squabbling over something, and that Israel must be the aggressor. I have a feeling that sound bites are the only sources of information for most of our Oregonians, or anyone, for that matter, unless they're one of the two principles involved.

What the many don't realize is that Israel is important to the United States. We're the only democracy in the Middle East, for one thing. Out of Israel has come thousands of inventions in the medical field that are benefiting the world, and that in an environment of war. What could be accomplished in a time of peace would be fantastic! Israelis are helping Americans in their fight against terrorists, for they have learned the hard way and have had lots of practice in this area.

The aid America has given Israel has been financial, but not any more than other countries have received. They have also been there to help negotiate in the peace process with terrorists, and then sometimes the help isn't so helpful. I think they are learning on the job, or OJT. We haven't had any American soldiers coming to help our fight with the terrorists. We haven't asked for any. If Mr. Salisbury thinks that Condoleeza Rice shouldn't go over to Israel to advise, I'd have to agree. She wants the barriers Israel has set up removed so that Palestinians can move around easier. That's what Israel is afraid of. They don't want terrorism to come into their land. That's why the barriers are there. I feel that's the kind of aid we can do without, thank you very much.

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