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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

John Voight Supports Israel

I watched John Voight today saying that he was just in Sderot and that he supports Israel. He saw the devastation there from the daily rocket shelling and was shocked that no one is saying anything about it. He is not speaking with a group, but from his own heart.

"All sane people should have a passion for Israel.... I'm thinking about the future of our world," he commented. He started serious thinking after the Vietnam War, noting that propaganda was a big influence. He feels that when we pull out of Iraq there is going to be a big slaughter of people and we will lose everything we have gained there.

He said to note history. Those that bless Israel will be blessed. Those that curse Israel will be cursed. Everytime that Israel has won a war since its inception in 1948 has been a miracle. Bless John Voight for speaking out.

Reference: : to watch click onto the bottom right corner. I had a hard time, but finally got to view it.

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