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Friday, May 2, 2008

The Mess Gaza Is In

It's a war between Hamas and Israel, but it's being fought in a peculiar way. Hamas has told the world outright that they intend to destroy Israel. Israel has accepted the other half of the PLO, the Fatah terrorists, as being serious about establishing a state of Palestine in their territory and being fairly peaceful about it, except for a few bouts of terror like the slaughter of the Yeshiva boys at school.

Hamas has done everything possible to foul things up in Gaza. They have targeted the electric supply in Israel that gives Gazans some of their electricity, and then they complain about not having any electricity. They use all their money from the donations of other Arab states for weaponry and rockets instead of improving Gaza.

Israel pulled out a year ago and all they have done is attack Israel and call them "occupiers." Their normal business activity hasn't been able to resume because of roadblocks Israel has had to put up to defend themselves from terrorists who try to kill Israelis, then they complain because of the roadblocks.

The Gazans have been dumping their sewage into the sea, which is much easier for them than using any of their money to convert or clean the sewage as Israel does. Israel has actually tried to help them. They bite the hand that helps them, however. This sewage problem is causing problems for all the people in the area.

Instead of getting at the root of the cause to change the effect, Condoleeza Rice has asked Israel to get rid of roadblocks. Never mind that that is exactly what the terrorists want in order to kill more civilians. Rockets shot into Israel isn't enough for them.

The U.N. has had to stop providing emergency food aid to 13+% of the 750,000 Palestinians that they feed in Gaza because of rising prices and funding shortages.

The U.N. expects Israel to dismantle all the settlements on the West Bank and all outposts built since March 2001. I wonder if they realize that Palestinians who come to work in Israel probably did the building. That gave them jobs. It's on the land belonging to Israel. It isn't Palestine, yet, and may not be for the next 100 years if they keep trying to drive Israel into the sea. For as long as the Palestinians declare that they won't recognize Israel, why should we recognize that parts of Israel should be given to them after 60 years of offers and war?

Even the Arab states must be wondering if they are throwing good money away by giving it to the Palestinians. They have not made good their commitments promised at a Paris conference in December. They know what it will be spent on. It's like giving money to drug pushers. The United Nations, the United States, Rusia and the European Union are putting pressure on them to give Hamas money, knowing full well that it's not going to bring much relief to the people of Gaza. What makes them think that terrorists who hide behind civilian adults and children would bother to feed the hungry? They'll use the money for their own interests of making weapons.

What should have happened in my opinion was for Egypt to step in and take control of Gaza again when we pulled out, but they couldn't because the Gazans voted for Hamas to rule them. This is what they got. Food shortages, electric brown-outs, and lack of jobs and a lot of bombing and killing. They should have voted for Abbas. Because they goofed again and voted illogically, they are suffering. Hamas is not worried, however. Israel is getting all the blame.
Reference: AFP

"Deliver me not to the wishes of my tormentors, for there have arisen against me false witnesses who breathe out violence."

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