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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

English Turncoats: Partners with Terrorist University

The London School of Economics (LSE) has teamed up with the Islamic University of Gaza (UG)which is a notorious terrorist stronghold.

IUG was created in 1978 by Sheikh Ahmed Yassin who was the founder of Hamas. It has been used as a place to convert Palestinians to its Islamist cause. Many of the Hamas leaders have been instructors there. No doubt it is continuing in this cause.

Yassin has stated that reconciliation with Jews is a crime. Israel must disappear from the map. Israel is Muslim land and is to be only for Muslims until Judgment Day. He has pursued armed struggle against Israel and has targeted civilians and blesses his suicide bombers.

In 2007 Hamas and Fatah, the two main terrorist Muslim groups in Gaza, were fighting each other in a power struggle. Fatah entered the university and found rocket-propelled grenade launchers, rockets, assault rifles and ammunition. They showed all this on TV.

Two years later Israel had finally had to fight against Hamas after enduring shelling for 8 solid years. They struck two IUG buildings which they knew to be used as centers for Hamas weapons such as Kassam rockets which were used to attack Israeli towns and villages near the Gaza border.

This is why this is a shock to find this English University teaming up with such a place in Gaza. They are claiming solidarity with a university that is actively involved in a campaign to destroy a democratic nation, that preaches hatred of Jews and celebrates their murder.

David Harris is a graduate of the London School of Economics. He writes for the American Jewish Committee, or AJC Media, which is a global Jewish advocacy group. He calls these University students "Useful Idiots". I don't even think they're useful. They're just plain idiots. What possible reason are they gaining to do such a thing? Their subject is economics. Is money so much more important that it causes these English students to not care who they are partnering with even if it means aiding and abetting a people to hate another group in the name of power? They have no conscience. It's deplorable. It's despicable.


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