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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Refusing to Charge Palestinian with Terrorism

by Nadene Goldfoot

In Miami today Mansor Mohammed Assad, 43 of Toledo, Ohio, a man with Palestinian ancestry, was a passenger on a Northwest plane going to Detroit. Actually he was with three other Palestinians. This one yelled out, "I want to kill all the Jews". His punishment was only to be arrested on disorderly conduct and a few other charges, but not with terrorism.

Boy, what do you have to do to be arrested for terrorism? Build a fire under your seat? What if I were sitting next to him, a Jewish lady? I might have had a heart attack at his outburst.

The officers were told by his 27 year old son that he wasn't a terrorist. That was it. The son verified his innocence. Amazing. Mansor was said to have a short temper and an extensive criminal record. That's not enough to warrent charges for terrorism? Of course, it was someone else's fault. The son reported that someone had to have pushed his button. Oh my, that's why.
Someone pushed his button on the plane? You can blame others for your anger nowdays?

I am deeply appalled that this man wasn't charged with terrorism. It's terrorizing to do what he did, to threaten with death any Jew. The police even had to use a stun gun on this man to subdue him. He wasn't being compliant at all.

Mr. Northwest. I know you're owned by Delta, so both please pay attention. I'm not happy to have passengers in my plane who can threaten my life, even if they are not armed with a bomb. I believe that there has to be some punishment here for this action, whether he's bi-polar or short tempered or whatever. He was sane enough to travel with his co-horts. I'm going to avoid your flights from now on. These "peace loving" people have got to learn that this is unacceptable behavior and has consequences. By the way, his peers didn't stop him, did they.


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