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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

DNA Testing Leads to Croatian Relative and Persecution

Through dna testing with familytreedna, I was able to be in contact with one of the leaders of our haplogroup, Alfred Krupa, who started the Ashina Royal Dynasty group. We are Q1b's, and he established through his research, that we stem from this dynasty which also lies in the Altai mountains, where our dna originated.

Afred lives in Croatia, which lies right across the waters from Italy. His grandfather was a Polish Jew who happened by a series of accidents, to escape the holocaust and wound up in Croatia where he stayed. His family has become Catholic. Now the government has been trying to steal his home, and he has been fighting the courts for several years. Evidently his home is in the palace.

Croatia is known to be very crooked, but they have no legal reasons to take his home. They have transpired with the bank to steal his property and have even used his Jewish roots as a reason.

Today is the 12th, and the police came and surrounded his home and arrested him. His father evidently almost killed himself in the agony of all this.

Here is what Alfred sent to me after my inquiry as to how things were.

translate the link via internet on line translator, write again all over the place ,about police brutality and state brutality, I was arrested as well as my father, who almost commited suicide with my grandfathers second world war trophy gunfull scale drama this morning!!!!the stoped because deputy police commisioner decided so, court did not want to stop!!!!!!Put photos all over the place!!
2010/1/12 Mladen Krupa <>

If you go to this site you will bring up the Croatian newspaper with all the pictures of this happening.

Yesterday I had found Croatian cookies on the shelf at Safeway here in Gresham, Oregon. I'm not buying any products knowing that they are as crooked and undemocratic as they are. I hope someone in Croatia learns this fact.

Afred is also on facebook. You can go to his site and read more about this.

PS 1/13/10 Update: An attempt at eviction of the Krupas from their home was made today on the 12th. The police showed up in quasi-military armor and tried to remove them by force. An arrest was made of one of the Krupa sons, but apparently it was called off temporarily before it escalated into violence. We are told that the police will make another attempt very soon. Check out this local newspaper report and view the pictures. Please make a comment on the news website and please continue to spread the word about this illegal seizure of family property. Thank you.;

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