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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Anti-Semitism in World

The Anti-Defamation League has found that 14% of Americans are still anti-semitic. 
In 2004 there was the highest amount of attacks in 9 years.  The USA Jewish population suffered 1,821 attacks. 
In 2005 they found that 35% of Hispanics and  36% of African Americans were anti-semitic.  Of whites, 9% were anti-semitic.   I note that Operation Cast Lead of 2009 had not yet occured.  This was happening without strong provocation. 

Recent information on anti-semitism comes from Britain's Community Security Trust which shows that attacks on Jews, not including any anti-Israeli activities, was down 31% from 1910.  They listed 639 attacks including anti-semitic notation on the internet as well as broken synagogue windows, hateful language which is also verbal abuse, physical assaults from people just hating the Jewish religion who are so self righteous and feel such justification.  This is the 2nd highest report since the 2009 war in Gaza which was the cause for more attacks. 

Natan Sharansky in today's Haaretz newspaper says that he views demonization as the typical anti-semitic act which is still going on today such as people saying that Jews are using organs of others.  Connecting Israel to their hate is shown in deligitimization of Israel and setting up  double standards to judge Israel. 

The paper went on to say that anti-semitism was down 50% from 2010, violence was down 35%.  Australia was down 60% and Europe and South America also reported a downward trend. 

The greatest threat now is in the internet.  Last year around May 31st when the Turkish flotilla was going to Gaza saw more acts occurring.  There were 15 hostile acts in France and 5 in Austria. 

Israel feels that the numbers are going up slightly.  This is probably because of the growing attacks on Israel and therefore its supporters.  When it comes down to it, attacking Israel is just another way of attacking Jews since it is the only Jewish country in the world.

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