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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Campbell Soups and Islam's "Halal"

I just learned something new about Islam.  I knew that they didn't eat pork, something they picked up from Jews when they were created in the 700's AD, but didn't know they also followed Jewish law with their laws concerning food which has showed up in Campbell's Soups in Canada.

They have their laws of Dhabiba halal which is similar to the Jewish law of Kashrut. 
The Jewish "treif" in Islam is "haram." 

I guess it would have been an anathema to Muslims to go by the Jewish certification already on many foodstuffs containing the symbols of kashrut. 

Other than being a monotheistic group, I see no other similarities between Judaism and Islam.  Our goal in life is completely the opposite.  In fact, while Jews have rabbis officiating  kosher products, the Campbell soup in Canada is being officiated by a Muslim known to be a terrorist .  Don't they have any nice people who could do the job?  This is why this has been making the news. 

Resource: Pamela Geller

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