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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Giving Okay for Inclusion of Muslim Brotherhood

According to "allvoices", the Los Angeles Times said that the Obama administration is giving its support to allow Islamic groups, including the banned Muslim Brotherhood, to be part of the future government in Egypt. He said that these groups must renounce violence and recognize the goals of democracy if they want to get recognition from the United States. The White House staff said that Obama believed that Egyptian politics needed to encompass the non-secular parties, meaning the Muslim Brotherhood. To me this is opening up Pandora's Box. It is tantamount to allowing Hamas to rule.

The Muslim Brotherhood is Egypt's most powerful opposition group. They have been banned in Egypt. An important member wrote a book, Milestones, which is for the restoration of Islam by restoring Sharia law and using physical power and jihad to abolish the others. They are for violence with Israel to allow Palestinians to have the land. They have entered the riots against Mubarak.

Robert Malley of the Clinton days and creator of J Street, a group which was formed to combat AIPAC which I belong to, who was fired by Obama but says he had quit, feels that Obama's decision makes it a pretty clear sign that the US is going to push for a broad pluralism instead of a narrow form of pluralism in the Egyptian politics.

Alan Dershowitz told Israel to be prepared for a worst case scenario because neither Israel or the US have any influence over the next events in Egypt. He felt that Mohamed El Baradei, leader of the protesters, would serve the interests of the Brotherhood who already said they would join him to form a strong opposition. The Islamists are a powerful political organized group.

This is the worry that Israel has had. The Brotherhood is connected to Hamas which Israel fights as well as al Qaida. Though Mubarak has ruled his country for 30 years, he has kept the peace between Israel and Egypt as per the peace treaty and has been a friend of the USA.

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