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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cause to Fear the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

The following is all from the writings of the Muslim Brotherhood found in Stand With Us website. It was founded in 1928. It has been outlawed in Egypt.

The motto of the Muslim Brotherhood includes the fact that Jihad is their way and they advocate violent jihad. That's not a comforting thought that this is their only way; no discussion, no give and take, no democratic values are included. Their jihad is against Israel and the United States which they see as a commandment from Allah and is not to be disregarded.

Their goal is to restore the caliphate which means to follow strict shariah (Islamist) law which ultimately includes the world. It's already in 80 countries.

They intend to see America fall and they think we're heading for our demise. This is because they see us as an infidel without the moral and human values and cannot lead humanity. Western democracy is seen as corrupt, unrealistic and false.

This is the group who assassinated Anwar Sadat in 1981 because he made peace with Israel. Before that they assassinated the prime minister of Egypt in 1948. That's interesting because Israel was created in 1948. They also attempted to assassinate Egypt's President Nasser in 1954.

Hamas is a terrorist organization that is a wing of the Muslim Brotherhood. The charter calls for the murder of Jews and the obliteration of Israel so that they can take over and turn it into an Islamist theocracy.

They said they were prepared to send 10,000 jihad fighters immediately to fight with Hezbollah against Israel in 2006. In 2005 Israel had withdrawn all Jews from Gaza. By 2006 Hamas was shooting rockets into Israel in far greater numbers. Notice that it was before 2006 that Israel started to be attacked by missiles and rockets that led to Operation Cast Lead of July 2009.

Their superstar is Osama bin Laden as they see him as a heroic fighter.

They think it's a necessity that Palestinians turn themselves into bombs if they have none to use as this is martyrdom. I suppose the males will be guaranteed their 72 virgins after death. As the Jewish motto is L'Chaim (to Life), their motto today is Death. They are creating a Jihad generation that is even pursuing death in order to bring about the change they want.

They advocate a deceptive strategy in democracies like the USA. They are told to act like a moderate and use established institutions to gain power. They are trying to destroy Western civilization from within and sabotage it .They want Islam to rule and eliminate all other religions. They feel they can conquer Europe peacefully with this method. After failing twice in history to take Europe they now will win by preaching and teaching their Islamic ideology.

They will use democracy to get in but when in power will replace democracy with their way, thinking shariah law is the true form of democracy. They do not understand the definition of "democracy."

Their view of women is that they are to be subjugated and segregated. Of course they are for femile genital mutilation. Anyone for this mutilation sees sex as one-sided only without any point of sharing in the love-making. It sounds to me like there isn't love-making at all with this operation. Why they need 4 wives and even more concubines must be just to procreate or just for their own personal enjoyment. In the day and age where people are seriously limiting their family, they will expand theirs quickly.

Other minorities allowed to live are not to be equals to Muslims. They will become dhimmis. They've been practicing this for a long time. A dhimmi can only earn half the salary of a Muslim. This was the experience of Jews living in Arab countries before 1967 before they decided to kill us all. During the 2nd world war, the Arabs were on the side of the Axis, Germany and their goal was also to kill all Jews. They're going around saying that Jews of today are not the Israelites who praised Allah. I don't know of any Israelites who ever praised Allah in the past. I do know that Arabs converted by the sword and did attack several Jewish towns. They go on to actually say to adults that Allah was angry with the Jews who didn't convert and turned them into monkeys and pigs. Mohammed, the originator of Islam, was born in 570 AD and died in 632 AD. It was towards the time of his death that Islam took over Arab lands.

Sorry, Muslim Brotherhood. Genetics is showing that Jewish men are all related to each other except for those who converted into the religion, and are from today's Israeli geography. In fact, they have even found the Cohen gene in many of the men who are the ancestors of Aaron, Moses's brother. Scientists are even finding that some non-Jews have genes that are Jewish. The results show that 70% of Jewish men throughout the world, both Sephardim that landed in Iberia, Mizrahim who stayed in the Middle East or Near East or North Africa, and Ashkenazi who wandered into Central and Eastern Europe still have a Middle-Eastern DNA pattern on the male line despite two thousand years or more in the diaspora. Your story about us being pigs or monkeys is a nasty fairy tale.

In 2004 the Brotherhood issued a fatwa making it a religious obligation to abduct and kill US citizens in Iraq. We had gone into Iraq in 2003 and toppled the government by killing Sadaam Hussein in 21 days. We're still there and our soldiers are still being killed.
Paper: DNA Origins and Current Consequences for Sephardi, Mizrahi, and Ashkenazi Malese and Females: Latest Results from Medical, Genealogical-Familial, and National-Ethnic Research by Abraham D. Lavender

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