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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Muslim Crusaders Enter Syria From Europe to Fight

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                       

            Al Qaeda terrorist from Turkey killed by Assad's forces, Burak Karan

The Syrian Civil War is being invaded by Europeans who are joining the fight.  Muslims have moved into Europe, something they refer to as The Big Immigration.  When they do this they are active proselytizers so many Europeans have converted to Islam which is their goal.  Now, German Islamists are fighting against Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad by joining up with the rebels.  These new recruits have become more religiously radicalized since the civil war began in 2011.

In September it was estimated that there were 170 German fighters in Syria already.  50 had traveled there just recently.  Burak Karan, a German football (soccer) star who ended his career at age 20 to go to Syria and fight for al Qaeda,  was killed by Assad's army.  He wanted to be a jihadist.  He was from Turkey originally.  His coach said he could have lived safely in Germany as a soccer player.  He was 25 years old.

200 of them are now in the "German Camp" or on their way to Syria.  They are taking an old route from Germany to Istanbul and then through to the Syrian border.  Der Spiegel news magazine wrote all about it.  The Welt newspaper wrote that so many Islamists are heading to Syria from Europe that the German security services are concerned about the number.  They are afraid that they'll return to Germany even more radicalized after receiving terror training from Al Qaeda and other groups in Syria such as Hezbollah.

Teenagers as young as 15 are leaving Germany and Norway to fight against Bashar Assad in Syria.  Over 100  left Germany just this year.  They all adhere to jihadi ideology.  One child with Free Syrian Army was only 14 years old.  The Muslim Brotherhood is very radical and the Salafists are even more so.  "The Salafist community has also lured adolescents to radicalize them.”It appears that both immigrant Muslims and converted Muslims are becoming jihadists and want to be in the fighting.  

 57 radical Austrian Islamists are currently in Syria engaged in combat against Assad’s regime.  The Austrian intelligence agency stated that roughly half of the Islamists from Austria in Syria have a Chechen origin.

500 is the estimate by Gilles de KerchoveBelgium senior European Union official,  Director of Justice and Home Affairs (HJA) in the Council Secretariat of the European Union from 1995 – 2007.    He has since been appointed as EU Counter-terrorism Coordinator, succeeding Gijs de Vries.   The largest numbers come from the UK, Ireland and France.  "In the Netherlands, officials have raised the terror threat level there to "substantial" - partly over concerns about radicalised citizens returning from Syria.   It happens that they have large numbers of Muslims.  All share the fear of what may be returning;   fanatical terrorists all trained to kill.  

Several thousand Europeans and Americans can be the total now fighting against Assad.  Most are joining the al-Nusra Front, al Qaeda’s main terrorist group in Syria, along with smaller Islamist militias made up of nationals from more than a dozen foreign countries.  "Nicole Mansfield, a single mother from Flint, Michigan,  was killed traveling with al Qaeda fighters in Syria last May."

USA intelligence estimates that there are now 6,000 foreign fighters in Syria.  "Most of the foreign fighters are from Middle Eastern, North African, and Central Asian states, including Libya, Egypt, Jordon, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Algeria, and United Arab Emirates. They obviously will team up with those that came from Europe.  

There is so much zeal to kill that al Qaeda accidentally beheaded the wrong guy, another rebel terrorist.  It happened to be one of their allies.  They had already put the head out on public display, such as people did 2,000 years ago.Then they found out what they had done and apologized.  
Just recently the rebels hit a Christian church in Syria.  A school was next to it and the playground was hit, killing about 5 children.  Anyone seen become targets.  In Damascus there are Christians living next door to Muslims and have been getting along well.  Most rebels all belong to some terror group that is being funded.  Of course now we have a more western? group being armed by the United States.  People that really do no want to be part of all this craziness have fled and are refugees with many not even registered as such.  They had to flee on tourist visas quickly.  Homes, offices holding birth certificates, schools, churches have been flattened amid a ground-shaking deafening scream of landing missiles.  Some of the places hit have been very ancient, worthy of having many historic artifacts, now all destroyed.  The rebels don't care and don't even know the value of what they are destroying.


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