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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Two Strikes: Kerry's Siding with PA Arabs Plus Lifting Sanctions on Iran

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                

Our friends, the USA, are acting might unfriendly.  Israel has been hit with seeing John Kerry, negotiator, whose job it is to be fair with both sides,   to side with the PA Arabs against Israel.
This was shown by Kerry's visit to Israel this past month as the facilitator which turned out to be  a diplomatic disaster.  He wound up threatening Israel with a 3rd intifada which in reality gives the Arabs the green light to go ahead and act upon it.  Not only that, but he pledged over $75 million in financial support to the Palestinian Arabs. This was Friday, November 8, 2013 when he spent all of 2 hours and 15 minutes talking with Netnayahu.   The USA are not the only ones to have done this throughout the past 65 years, of course, and the Arabs are still in the red without a state as it is.
The main worry for Netanyahu is Iran and the possible A bomb intended for his tiny country.  This is not paranoia but real reasons for worry, since Iran is the loudest and filthiest in verbal threats on this Jewish state. Israel and Jews have been called everything from viruses to pigs and apes verbally and threatened over and over to be destroyed by them.  Iran has been working day and night to create the uranium capabilities despite the UN interference of trying to see what's going on.  They would be the 3rd country to try to develop nuclear capabilities aimed to destroy Israel, so there's more than enough reason to worry about it.  .
Obama has been working to lift sanctions for the past 5 months on Iran which has been damaging their economics meant to talk them into allowing inspectors in and to not manufacture the needed uranium for bombs.  Iran thinks they can get away with saying it's all for medical things, but the world is a little smarter than that.  We know their intentions, and have heard them all loud and clear.  Obama's people have not made a deal  with Iran to stifle their ongoing deadly progress and neither has Obama had Congressional approval to lift these sanctions that were set in place but Kerry has gone ahead and has done it.  .

Now Barack Obama refuses to answer the phone calls from Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu even though Netanyahu has called him many times.  This source is from Kuwaiti News Al-Jarida.   This nuclear Iran is not something Israel can  live with, and neither can  some  Muslim Middle East countries either, as this is a power play that threatens all of them.  This Israel-USA difference threatens the already sensitive alliance they thought they shared.

Obama  warned Congress against further sanctions on Iran  just last Thursday and said that a deal in the works could prevent the "unintended consequences" of war. That must be the 5 month stall to see if Kerry's team can come up with something.   Obama added that they are pursuing diplomacy so they don't want to add new sanctions on top of sanctions that are already effective that brought Iran to the table in the first place. Actually, according to new reports, key conditions for Iran's relief from sanctions had already started 5 months ago.  Kerry has added his jibe with his direction to Republican senators " to ignore anything the Israelis say about the issue."   Really?  Just ignore their fears and why?

Netanyahu, however, is speaking out and urging world leaders to avoid this deal for the sake of Israel and international safety from a nuclear Iran.  Though Israel agrees with a diplomatic fix over any other options, they want a real diplomatic solution that will dismantle Iran's military nuclear capabilities.

Netanyahu feels that the proposal on the table is a bad deal.  It leaves Iran with nuclear capabilities for military use and provides it with a lot of easing of sanctions.  The other danger is that it gives Iran legitimacy to be a nuclear threshold state.  That goes against the whole international community.

This was said at the Bloomberg Fuel Choices Summit. At least  Russia's President Vladimir Putin will be visiting Netanyahu to talk about Iran and preceding him will be France's President, Francois Hollande.

The American congress is not in agreement with Kerry.  They are for preparing more sanctions against Iran to bring about the dismantling, and Kerry, of course, feels that more sanctions would break apart nuclear talks with Tehran.  I ask, what good are talks if they're not ready to come around to giving up their desire to have an A bomb?  Is this what our gasoline money has been paying for?   I would be all for buying gas from Saudi Arabia or another country not involved with the A bomb creation.

Naftali  Bennett and Jewish Home members rallied US support for the Israeli viewpoint while US ambassador to Israel, Dan Shapiro, has tried to win over Israeli public support to the USA side.  A poll shows that most Israelis believe Netanyahu's viewpoint and would back a strike on Iran even if they have to go it alone.  The fear of Iran with nuclear power is greater than anything.  It would mean their immediate destruction with one bomb dropped.  That's all it would take.  One cannot live with such a constant threat.  We've reached the ultimate point.

Iran did halt their uranium enrichment process from August to November but that was only for maintenance purposes.  They are now able to do the needed conversion faster.  "Iran says it is refining uranium to produce energy. But its refusal so far to scale back its nuclear program and open it up to unfettered IAEA inspections has drawn tough sanctions that have severely damaged its oil-dependent economy."

Whatever did Obama mean when he said that he had Israel's back?  This American saying has always meant that 2 friends will protect each other.  Has this been misinterpreted by Israel?  I think the trust that Israel had in the USA has been shaken.  What gets to me is how can Obama feel safe with such a threat in the world?  It wouldn't take much to pass that power onto countries closer to the USA and threaten it as well.  Anything is possible today with enough money being the bait.  Ethics and morality is something almost forgotten.

Now, one thing more.  It is not known whether Israel has atomic facilities or an A bomb, but it has been in existence since May 14, 1948 and has never threatened any country with one or has never used an A bomb though it has been in many wars during it's creation and since then.  It has had to take the bull by the horns and wipe out a nuclear reactor Osirak  outside of Baghdad, Iraq on June 7, 1981 in Operation Opera.  They were criticized for it, but again, that was a regime that was threatening Israel's existence.  They hit the  reactor, not the people.  Then again on September 6, 2007, Israel's Operation Orchard hit another nuclear facility with a military purpose in Dier Ez Zor area in Syria. This time, 10 North Korean workers there were killed who were workers on this project.    It is enough to have the allusion of having atomic capabilities to ward off its enemies.  I wouldn't put this fact to the test, if I were them.  It's liable to be true.  That's about what Iran is doing.

"The US and its allies narrowed their differences with Tehran after three days of intense diplomatic efforts in Geneva but failed to produce a breakthrough in the decade-long dispute."  Iran knows how to stall and to get its own way.  

Resource: Arutz Shava Obama Refuses to Speak to Netanyahu by Tova Dvorin

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Nadene Goldfoot said...

That’s correct Nadene, ……In 1956 Gamal Abdel Nasser nationalized the Suez Canal …..Israel was assisted by France and England and the Canal was opened …….now equally as major or more so is Iran.. at this not so early juncture, if the red line should be crossed, it feels like Israel will be assisted again by France and England, possibly Germany, while Barak Hussein Obama continues to negotiate.