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Friday, November 15, 2013

What Obama's Backing of Muslim Brotherhood Has Led To

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                     

Egypt has not been idle.  Since benefits from the USA were cut because they wouldn't keep Mohamed Morsi, head of the Muslim Brotherhood, in the presidential office, they have found alternatives.They had been gifted annually by the USA,  $1.3 billion for defense and economic aid since 1979  when they signed a peace treaty with Israel.

  The USA has gone ahead and has  frozen $250 million in military aid to Egypt.  This is at a time when Egypt has been overrun with Syrian refugees that Morsi had instigated and allowed to come into the country, thinking they were all from the Muslim Brotherhood and would be just the ticket he needed to back up his organization.  Since he was ousted, the Egyptian government would like to send these refugees back home, but are not allowed according to the UN refugee laws.  However, they have been there a good year, now, and are being rounded up. Evidently they are there on tourist visas and the time is up.  Found, they will be charged with being illegal immigrants.   It's a bad situation.  Egypt has its own 79,089,650 population with a big % who are also always hungry.

 News right out of New York City is that "Egypt has detained over 1,500 refugees from Syria, which included 400 Palestinians and 250 children for weeks and often for months.  they will be held indefinitely until they leave Egypt.  They've been trying to migrate to Europe on smugglers' boats, as they're run out of savings they fled with and are facing xenophobia in Egypt.  Security forces are making arrests as recently as 11/4/13 according to UNHCR.  They have been coerced to leave and dozens have gone back to Syria.  They didn't get listed as refugees because of the change in the politics; Morsi bringing them in and Sisi's  leaders against them as they could be amongst the agitators and instigators of riots, etc.
 Note that not all of the Syrians who fled Syria are members of the Muslim Brotherhood, though, and they are living in terror now of becoming homeless.  If you are a Syrian, you cannot get to any USA port to claim political asylum.  The USA is not taking in any refugees at all.  A friend cannot sponsor a Syrian such as what Jews were able to do for Jews in the 1930's.  Even a mother has a hard time getting a son into the states if she immigrated first.  The American Embassy is closed and so are the Israeli and British Embassies.  Therefore, they cannot get a visa to come to these places anyway.  By being on a Syrian passport, they cannot go to the EU, either, only other Muslim nearby countries such as Turkey or Jordan.  If they are educated, young, and want to work and live a normal life, they are frozen in time; stuck! Facing a refugee camp which for them is the kiss of death-a dead end to life and their education!

Egypt has turned to Russia, who had a lot of presence in Syria and probably still does.  The Russian foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov and Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu visited in Egypt "and left with promises of new strategic relations."  Lavrov said, "We respect Egypt's sovereignty and the rights of Egyptian people to determine their future."  The BBC reported this comment.

Obama tried to manipulate Egypt instead and said they should re-instate Morsi and wait until voting time comes around again.  Obviously Egypt was so alarmed that they couldn't move fast enough to get rid of him.  Sometimes, democracy and voting isn't all up to what it should be in new Middle East countries.  It hasn't followed the same path it did with our Pilgrims.    In this case, they weren't ready; didn't vet Morsi well enough.  How he got elected has always been a mystery to me, showing me that I just didn't understand the Egyptian mind to do such as thing as to allow a Muslim Brotherhood to be a leader when Sadat, a man I admire, wouldn't let them have an inch in the government.  THEY WERE OUTLAWED!  The big disappointment to me was that Obama thought well of them, a group who threatens the lives of Jews and of Israel, who wants to drive Israel into the sea, whose Qaradawi-head religious leader for the Brotherhood wants to kill Jews with his bare hands if he could and preaches to others to do just that!  How little our Americans bother to check facts before making up their minds.  Now the Russians have saved the day for the Syrians AND the Egyptians.

General al-Sisi, Egypt's army chief and defense minister felt this signified "historic strategic relations" and a new era of "constructive, fruitful co-operation on the military level."  This comes from Al Jazeera.

Egypt hasn't closed the door completely on the USA, however.  Like a man looking around for a better job than the present one, they are keeping their options open.  Mohamed Gomaa, political analyst in Egypt said that "Egypt's foreign affairs are being restructured, but relations with Russia shouldn't be seen as a substitute for ties with the USA.  The Egyptians have no intention to drift away from the USA right now.  Unlike the USA, however, Russia will sell Egypt weapons and not give them away for free."  They are businessmen, after all.

Resource:  Arutz Sheva  Eygpt and Russia Hold Historic Talks by Ari Yashar.
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