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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                   

Obama grew up in Chicago  where Louis  Farrakhan and his Nation of Islam had captured the ear of the Black community.  He was fairly young and impressionable.  That might have led to his decision of attending Reverend Jeremiah Wright's church  for over 20 years and hear him rant and rave against Jews and Israel. Obama even helped to organize his Million Man March.  What he was doing was legitimizing a racist and anti-Semite by giving him his enthusiastic support.
                                                   Louis Farrakhan
These facts were simply ignored by Jews in the USA because he was running on the Democratic ticket, and that could do no wrong.
                           Reverend   Jeremiah Wright
Anti-Semitism in the black community has been  growing even though we had lots of Jewish boys and girls helping them fight racism in the 60's with marches and protests. In 1984  Jesse Jackson let out a slip of referring to New York City as HYMIE Town during his presidential campaign and Jews as Hymies.  The economic differences between Blacks and Jews were that Jews had jobs and businesses and many blacks worked in lower level jobs.  There were Jewish landlords and Black tenants. They didn't always see eye-to-eye.  Reverend Jeremiah Wright spoke about "them Jews" not allowing Obama to speak with him when Obama was running for president. That's because he was known to be so anti-Semitic.  Not to our American Jews, though.  They didn't stumble in their decision to vote for him.  They were in such denial.

The Middle East to many black Muslims was a "Jew problem."  Jewish shop owners were "greedy cheaters,"  people who could not be trusted.  Jews were called "evil."  I've heard of people thinking that Jews had horns.  Many Blacks residing in jails or prisons are targets for proselytizers of Islam and become converts, eager to follow their new friends into anti-Semitism.  In their eyes, anyone who is successful must be evil.
Obama is seen to be swayed and seems to see the world and Israel from the eyes of a Muslim, for many of his friends were just that.    His view is of a Muslim World and sees it all from a Muslim perspective.  He did live in Indonesia in his early years and that is the largest Muslim majority country in the world.   It's 228,582,000 population happens to be 86.1% Sunni Muslim.  The Muslim Brotherhood and other radicals use this concept which is a call to unify Muslims all over the world.  One of the first things Obama did was go to Egypt to speak to them in 2009.  He caused a dramatic policy reversal of joining the UN Human Rights Council with his own  outlook.  That group is made up of anti-Semitic anti-Israel but pro-Islamic viewpoints.  They have just added to his already slanted beliefs from Chicago friends and mentors. Now Obama has threatened to withhold money from Egypt because they kicked out their Muslim Brotherhood president, Morsi.                      

I wrote a blog article on August 29, 2008 (Dangers For Jews With Obama)  laying all these facts out when Obama first ran for office. Jews all voted for him anyway, with most being Democrats.   People just said, "Aw, you don't like Blacks" or, "but he's such a good speaker", and "oh, but he's the best Democrat there is."  Nobody was interested in his background or his resume or who he was drinking with.  He was this angel that the whole country-almost-fell for.
Obama sees as the left wingers do, that Israel is the oppressive occupier and the Palestinians are Israel's victims.  He doesn't ever mention the widespread Islamic hatred of Jews and has attacked Israel over the growth of West Bank settlements, which we feel is not the problem at all.  It's finally accepting Israel as a Jewish state.   Jackson even points out that Obama compared the Holocaust to Palestinian "dislocation."  He thinks of 6 million Jews who were butchered and burnt, gassed, starved to death, gunned down and thrown into heaps for their corpses to be dissolved away by lye to be dislocated by their leaders words-not by the Israelis?

The man to point all this out once again happens to be a black lawyer, graduate from Harvard Law School  and former leftist Democrat.  His family includes some Muslim members.   He grew up in a black community in Pennsylvania.  He also heard nasty comments about Jews but the environment wasn't as heavily into it as Chicago has been.  His name is E.W. Jackson Sr. and he brought all this out in 2009.  Jackson also studied theology at Harvard Divinity School and is a Bishop of Exodus Faith Ministries.  He's served in the Marine Corp, is a member of Phi Beta Kappa and was given the key.  So here we have a man with a very similar background but has a different perspective towards religion, mainly toward the Jewish religion and its people.  He's been brave enough to speak out about what he sees what is happening between the USA and Israel.
Netanyahu and Obama can pose for pictures showing their close relationship, but we all know how Obama feels about Jews and about Israel.  Bishop Jackson and I are on the same page in this.  The old saying, "But is he good for the Jews?" was answered by a few of us and not believed, but perhaps some eyes are beginning to be opened by now.  I  hope so.

Resource:  The Source of Obama's Anti-Israel Policy by EW Jackson Sr.

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