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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


When I looked for comments about Frontline's two part program called "Bush's War', I stumbled on an article connected to it from Media Monitors Network that shocked me. It was by a free-lance writer in the U.K. by the name of Mesbah Uddin.

In it he spoke of the Sharonists. These, according to him, are American governmental people who are followers of Ariel Sharon of Israel. Evidently they have taken over the government of the USA. He names Paul Wolfowitz as the main leader. Paul wanted to extend Israel's boundary beyond Iraq, the country that contains Babylon . He said the aim was to take over Iraq first and then all the other Arab countries.

Now I've heard everything. Jews have been blamed for just about everything in the past. I've heard of the blood libals, where we needed Christian children's blood for Passover. The ignorance of people was overwhelming as Jews go to great length to not eat any blood of any animal. That's what the kosher laws cover. We've poisoned the wells causing people to die. Usually this was over some cause like rats infesting cities but the Jews would be blamed. And now we've taken over the government of the United States causing us to go to war against Iraq.

He goes on to say that to start anything one needs some cataclysmic event, and then 9/11 happened, insinuating that Israel also caused this, or at least the Sharonists did. He explains that the Nazi technique was to tell people that they going to be attacked, and then they had the right to attack, and their people would be gullible. He's saying that this is what we did which gave us the right to attack Iraq. It was the United States who turned good old Saddam Hussain into a villain.

This is where I felt sick. Just before 9/11, I had read a new book from the Ontario, Oregon Library called "Saddam", or "Saddam Hussain." In it I found out from the author just how horrible a man he was. His sons were following in his footsteps and were determined to be even worse, and they were soon proving it. I don't think much of many leaders, but he was horrid. He kept his people down with such an iron fist that it's no wonder that they can't think logically now that they have been freed. I think they have suffered psychologically under his leadership and it will take a long time for them to learn to think again and stop fighting each other.

Now I find out from this writer that we had sold the nerve gas that was used on the Kurds in Halabja that killed 5,000. If the United States did sell it to the Iraqis when we were acting as friends, I am totally disappointed. What a thing to sell to such a people. Whatever did we think they would do with it? Surely someone must have realized that these unstable people might decide to use it as a weapon. Even to use it against the Iranians would be against international law, I would think. It should have been outlawed after WWI. This accusation has to be researched more, and if we did sell it, I feel there needs to be some great punishment for doing so. Hopefully, this is incorrect.

This is some of the garbage being inflicted upon Israel. Whatever happens, blame the Jews. There's always people who are gullible and full of hate and resentment ready to swallow it.

As I remember, I wondered why Bush attacked Iraq when it was Saudi Arabians who flew into the Twin Towers. My feelings were that the Saudis used their money to attack their enemies and that they usually stayed behind the scenes. I didn't trust Syria at all and thought they might have also been behind the 9/11 attack. While living in Israel from 1980 to 1985, I watched Iraq and Iran wage a war with each other. I thought that perhaps that was why I had a fairly peaceful existence in Israel. They were busy at each other's throats. To think that Israel's Sharon is pulling the strings getting America to attack Iraq is ridiculous.

Really, no one in government listens to Israel very well. It's a big worry for Israel. If there is any controlling, it's the USA who controls Israel in many ways. Israel has no oil wells. What we have the most of are our brains. In the midst of being constantly attacked and on alert, our scientists have managed to invent and create things useful for the world. Now we're even exporting techniques in fighting terrorism and protecting airports.

World, get over thinking that the Jews want to take over the world. We're just fighting for our teeny-tiny piece of Israel and are tired of giving chunks of that away in the name of peace which evades us. Trying to deal with the Palestinians in Gaza was enough of a headache. Ask the Egyptians. Ask Jordan what they went through. Just stop demanding our land. You have enough. Wanting to expand and take over all the Arab countries? Oy vey, we're not out of our minds. Are you?

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