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Tuesday, March 18, 2008


This morning Obama gave a speech in Philadelphia to address the problem about his pastor, Jeremiah Wright. I'm really surprised that Obama sat in church on and off for twenty years knowing what his pastor stood for. He's well-known and everyone knows of his connection to Farrakhan. If he disagrees with what Wright says, why didn't he talk to him and try to change his opinions? Why did he just accept it? His speech says that he disagrees but did not say what he did about it. In my opinion, what he should have done was to leave the church and find one that reflects his views. By staying, he's accepting his pastor's values. His children have been in this environment, and so has his wife. I feel that her last speech reflects this attitude that she has picked up in her church. I refer to the fact that this was the first time in her life that she was proud of America.
If he couldn't talk to his pastor and his grandmother and change them, how does he think he can change America. He has helped to enable Jeramiah Wright to spew venom about America and white people and Jews by remaining as a member of this church. Even if he is friendly with him and feels that he is family this is all the more reason why he should have had a heart to heart talk with him a long time ago. One thing Obama is is an influencing speaker. He could have made changes.
He mentioned that everyone has heard things in church or synagogue that they didn't agree with. I haven't had that experience, thank goodness. I've been in many synagogues and no rabbi has ever said anything bad about any group of people in a sermon. In fact, every synagogue I've been in has a prayer at the end for the United States.

Not a word was said on TV about Wright's connection to Farrakhan and his feeling towards Jews and Israel. This is what I worry about. If Obama doesn't agree with Wright about whites and doesn't feel it right to damn America, what does he really feel about Israel after all that condemning.

Update: Thursday, March 20, 2008
According to the National Enquirer of March 17, admittedly a gossip scandal newspaper, states that Obama was a board member of a nonprofit Woods Fund founded by Rashid Khalida, a harsh critic of Israel, who is a university professor. As if Farrakhan's association isn't enough, he has found another that might sway his feelings against Israel. It is his foreign policy advisor, Robert Maley, who blames Israel for anything bad and suggests that we ought to be doing business with Hamas. This information came from Bill Hobbs, the communications director for the Tennessee Republican Party. Hobbs feels Obama will be putting Israel in the crosshairs of America's enemies. More was reported about Farrakhan. He has referred to Jews as "dogs" and "pigs." Farrakhan called Obama "the hope of the entire world." Obama calls Farrakhan "Minister Farrakhan." So basically, Obama has consorted with Farrakhan, who is antisemitic, and his Pastor Wright is his faithful friend who is also a dear friend and follower of Farrakhan, and continues to collect aides who are against Israel. This does not look good at all for us.

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