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Sunday, March 16, 2008


Pastor Wright has claimed that 9/11 is due to the treatment of Israel to the Palestinians. He undoubetly teaches this idea to his congregants.

Let me explain something to Pastor Wright and all other people in agreement of him. As early as 1947, the Arabs rejected the UN partition plan which would have created a Palestinian state, and they refused the offer. That was not on their agenda or goal.

Jews almost became extinct, and would have if the Germans had their way at that time. They recognized that they needed their own country. Jews had never entirely left Palestine, and many were returning in the 1800's. After WWII, the necessity to have a country became vital.

The Arab answer to the formation of Israel was to attack. The Arabs had been on the side of Germany's Nazis during the WWII. Our relationship started off badly.

Some Arabs ran away from their homes in Palestine when 7 Arab nations attacked the new Israel in 1948. They were promised by their leaders that if they left, they would be returning to the Jews' homes. Iraqi's Prime Minister Nuri Said declared, "We will smash the country with our guns and obliterate every place the Jews seek shelter in. The Arabs should conduct their wives and children to safe areas until the fighting has died down."The results fooled everyone with Israel winning the war. The people who left became refugees in camps as their leaders wanted.

Israel took in 820,000 Jews who were driven from Arab countries in the 1950's. They had always been dminnies in Arab lands; people in a 3rd rate position who paid more taxes than others, were not considered citizens, and treated badly. Many were hung or killed in other ways before most of them escaped to Israel. The 7 Arab countries did not do a thing for the new Palestinian refugess but keep them in camps. Many, like Abbas's family, decided to go to Jordan, instead.

There are many border problems in the world, from Libya to Pakistan, from Turkey to Yemen, but Americans only know about Israel. Our answer to why keeps coming back to antisemitism in the world. The PLO and Yasser Arafat came into existence and continued to attack Israel during the lull of bigger wars. Their way of fighting against Israel was to attack women and children, in schools, buses, etc. Israel has had to protect its citizens from such attacks, and the methods may seem to be rough to Americans who lived in fairly good security. One way Israel punished terrorists was to knock their homes down. Many have been put in prison. These were people who were killers. In a way, Israel has had a quiet war inbetween announced wars.

For those Arabs that did not run away in 1967, they are citizens of Israel. Some are even in the knesset.

Up until 1967, Gaza was governed by Egypt. When Egypt attacked Israel in 67 and lost, it came into the hands of Israel. Israel had been attacked and won the war, surprising even themselves. Now Egypt was not responsible for Gaza anymore, though the Gazans were much like Egyptians, even speaking the same dialect. No Jewish settlements existed there or in the West Bank. The West Bank was occupied by Jordan at that time. No demands for a Palestinian state were ever heard of until Israel took control of these areas in the Six-Day War of 1967.

President Bush at one time rejected the idea of a Palestinian state next to Israel. He realized then that it would become a radical nation dominated by the PLO or Islamic extremists such as Hamas. Iraq gives their support to the Palestinians because it suits their agenda, both as Muslims and as enemies of USA. The danger would be that it could serve as a base for other Arab nations.

Judea-Samaria (West Bank)  has been a defensive asset for Israel. It's the one area that keeps Israel safe from invasion from other Arabs. Even the Institue for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies knows this.

The two terrorist groups, Hamas and Fatah, have not accepted Israel or recognize it. This has to be before there is any peace. The Palestinians have been a terrorist group all along. Their leaders are to blame for their misfortunes, not Israel.

Pastor Wright, the Palestinians are not held as slaves. Many had moved to Jordan. It was I who had bars on my living room window to keep terrorists out. The penalty for being a terrorist and getting caught is prison. That's their choice. Harsh punishment for a deadly crime is not unfair.

All the Palestinians were not there originally. Most came in from surrounding areas seeking work when they heard of the new Jewish immigrants who were building. They were not enslaved. Palestinians who live in Israel fare a lot better than Palestinians in other Arab communities. Israel has tried to treat them as fairly as they have been able. No other country has had to be so careful of terroristic activities from their people. They have brought their problems on themselves.

I ask why you choose to back people who attack such a small state of Jewish people who only ask to be allowed to live in peace? Where are your values?

Resource: Myths and Facts by Mitchell G. Bard

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