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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Is Palestinian Terrorism a Righteous Act?

Why are so many Palestinians practicing terrorism against Israel? Is poverty an excuse? Amnesty International published a study that condemned all attacks and said that no Israeli action justified them. They are committing crimes against humanity under international law.

This terrorism that has been happening is not the result of occupation. If they suffer from discontent, they could negotiate, but under Hamas this is not happening. Israel in the past has gone along with trading land for peace, but is not about to trade land for continued terror.

Many terrorists are not practicing terrorism from the point of view of poverty or feeling they have a hopeless future. Osama bin Laden is a Saudi millionaire. I see his actions as one of seeking power over the world. He's at his happiest plotting and scheming to blow up his enemies. Living in luxury, which he could be doing, does not sate his pleasure centers.

Another terrorist who killed the 8 school boys and wounded 15 others in Jerusalem was the school's driver. He was happily engaged to be married, came from a comfortable family, and lived in an East Jerusalem village. He had all the same social and welfare benefits as other Israeli citizens. He was not driven to this terroristic act out of living under occupation. I think his personality was that of a follower, and he was suckered into his actions from peer pressure and propaganda. He was in the position of being able to do it, and felt no compulsion or conscience not to kill.

We're facing a group of people who are ready to sacrifice their own children to gain a political end. Children are either encouraged by their parents to be in harm's way during warfare, for the value propaganda can milk from it or are put there by their fellow terrorists hiding in their midst. Actually, the children are being used either way. Their lives don't count with their own people.

In the year 2000 there was no economic depression facing the Palestinians. This is when this new violence really started. Then in 2001 we have 9/11 in New York. It was a time of terrorism in the world.

There will be no giving into a group who uses terrorism as pressure to gain their goals. How will the next American president face this when the American goal is to bring about a Palestinian state next door to Israel? How will they ever change their attitudes and practices? Perhaps they've never heard of Martin Luther King. Somehow this president will have to teach them that terrorism is not a righteous act.

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