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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Last of the Jews

The Last of the Jews
Nadene Goldfoot
We have one state for Jews. There are more than a dozen states for the Muslims, and hundreds of countries for Christians. That one Jewish state is in dire peril. It is being attacked now on one front by the Hamas terrorists from Gaza. The West Bank contains its partners, Fatah, who are probably chomping at the bit to get into the action again, and are showing signs of it. There are the Hezbollah north of Israel in Lebanon who are ready to pounce, and most of them are being supplied by the threatening Iran with up to date long distance rockets. Israel is like Ladd's Addition in Portland, a little bit of land in the larger area of Oregon. It's not only our one Jewish state, but it's also extremely tiny.

The Palestinian Hamas are engaged in shooting at us. They seem to have no regard for their own people’s lives, and certainly don’t want peace with Israel, while Fatah has told us a little different story. However, when you get right down to it, neither will recognize Israel as a Jewish State. I doubt if anyone in their midst has the ability to form a peaceful state. What they have is a 20 year plan to drive Israel into the sea. They’ve hit on a working theory. They attack Israel, then cry and weep when we strike back in self defense. Their woeful words are copied and written down and the world cries with them and blames the victim; Israel. The world goes right along with their tactics, swallowing them whole. Very few analysts bother to write about why Israel enters the areas and fights back; they just write about how many Palestinians are killed. They pass up the turmoil and horror that the Israelis suffer from it all. They forget how small Israel is, only remembering that Israel has the better weaponry. Even rocks thrown can find a target and kill. That doesn’t even count anymore.

We may be going through our "Alamo" right now. Israel is nearing its 60th birthday in May, and is fighting to stay alive. Condoleza Rice has told us that it isn’t right for them to shoot rockets at us, but if we retaliate we shouldn’t hit civilians, as if this would be our goal. Unfortunately, Condoleza, the terrorists plant their rocket shooting enterprises right in the midst of their civilians for cover. They want them to be struck or they wouldn’t be there in the first place. They want the bad press for the Israelis. Please tell us how to accomplish this. We have developed weapons with better pinpointing accuracy, but some civilians are going to be hurt when they’re right in the path. We’re pinpointing, and they indiscriminately shoot rockets and only G-d knows where they will land. They’re never at soldiers, though, only at towns.

Palestinians never were a country or a state. They were wanderers who came following the scent of jobs with Israel. They came from many places around Israel. A few were squatters. They didn’t own the land. Israel paid dearly and bought land from Arabs who preferred to live in France and elsewhere. There was nothing in Israel but swamps and desert. They passed up the opportunity to have their own state when it was offered to them in 1948 and even again many other times. That’s not their goal. If they want to live and let live, they could move over to Jordan and be with other Palestinians who are having a normal life. They have many opportunities to live and be happy in other places. They have been brainwashed into giving up their lives in order to keep Israel from existing.

It’s too bad that the Muslims have developed such a disgust in having one Jewish state in the Middle East. After all, we have returned. We were there before their religion existed. We’ve been spoken of as cousins. We’re not leaving.
"And I shall make you like a fortified copper wall against this people; they will battle you but they will not be able to overcome you, for I am with you to save you and to rescue you-the word of Hashem."

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Never let anyone outside of the family know what you are thinking. said...

Facts are facts. And the facts are that the Arab and Persian states surrounding Israel have publicly stated they want nothing more than to wipe Israel off the map. I am not Jewish, but of mixed Mediterranean blood. Jews and Arabs are my cousins. I have nothing to gain so to speak (culturally)by defending Israel...but morally, it grieves me that the world collectively does not step up and defend the simple right to exist as a state, a people, a culture, free from the fear of total annihilation. If Israel wanted to blow "Palestine" into the annals of history, they could have and would have done so long is hatred, jealousy, and pure stupidity to practice the blatant and un-reproached antisemitism that is alive and growing globally. G-d forgive us the day America also completely turns Her back on Israel.