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Monday, June 2, 2008

Iran is Dangerous

Most of today's letters in the Oregonian about Iran show little knowledge about what's happening there. Some letters were questioning our right to expect other countries like Iran to not have nuclear weapons when we have so much of it.

Iran has the main training camp near Isfahan for terrorists from Iraq, Afghanistan, Baluchistan, Lebanon and the Gaza Strip. The training staff are teaching how to sabatage strategic targets like routes, bridges and military installations, and in activating roadside bombs (EFPs which had deadly effects on American troops in Iraq. They also have munitions factories that send missiles and bombs to these places.

Just today Ahmadinejad said "Israel would soon disappear off the map and that the "satanic power" of the United States faced destruction" when speaking to foreign guests marking the week's 19th anniversary of the death of the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini in 1989.

One letter believed the 2003 report that Iran had ended its nuclear weapons program already and is not doing anything illegal and is not threatening anyone with it. They believe it's a misquote that Iran threatened to wipe Israel off the map!

Two days ago their defense minister Gen. Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar warned us: "Iran's Armed forces are fully prepared to counter any military attack with any intensity..they will make the enemy regret initiating any such incursions."

Iran is very close to having atomic weapons. That's the worry.They have made threats repeatedly and could carry them out. I've read that they are only about three months away from having their weapons.

Oregonian Letters to the Editor 6/2/08 Limited US attack on Iranian Revolutionary Guards bases in sight

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