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Friday, June 6, 2008

Obama's Promise to AIPAC Renegged

Obama spoke to AIPAC and declared his complete, unqualified support for a Jewish Jerusalem. The Holy City, he said, "will remain the capital of Israel, and it must remain undivided."

Within hours the Palestinian leader Abbas complained and Obama renegged. He caved in and altered his decision by saying that it will be on the table. The Palestinians plan on having Jerusalem for their capital. This was first reported on the radio Thursday night, June 5th. Now it has finally come out on internet news.

Everyone knows that Jerusalem is paramount in Jewish history and in its religion. We have a saying that if we forget Jerusalem, may we lose our right hand. The United States has not helped in the past. They have their consolate in Tel Aviv, afraid to anger the Muslims.

This is the major sticky point in any peace talks with the Palestinians. Jerusalem was in major ruin when we rescued it in 1967. Arabs were using cemeteries as latrines, destroying many important places. Now that it has been in Israeli hands, all major religions enjoy their place in Jerusalem. That wasn't the case before. Jerusalem is not a major city in the Muslim religion. It's only high point is that Muhammed rose and went to heaven there. What Israel has, the Palestinians want. It's that simple.

So much for a strong speaker and promises to AIPAC.

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