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Monday, June 9, 2008

Meeting in Jerusalem on June 15th

Important decisions on Jerusalem may be decided on June 15th in Jerusalem at a meeting with Condoleeza Rice, Israel's Tzipi Livni, and the Palestinian's Ahmed Qurie.

Things that are keeping negotiations are the violence from Gaza by Hamas who are shooting rockets into Israel which are killing civilians and the "settlement expansion" by the Israelis.

It seems to me that the question of our being able to work on adding onto settlements is moot. The fact is that the Palestinian Hamas has not recognized Israel and is shooting at us from Gaza daily. Nothing can be accomplished if they wish to destroy us and that is their primary goal in life. As long as they feel this way and act accordingly, we might as well go ahead and work on some construction project. We aim to stay right there. They want us out of the area completely. That's why they are against our building.

Anything we are doing that they can complain about is due to having to respond to their attacks. If they would accept and recognize us in the first place, the whole area would be peaceful. Condoleeza, that has to be addressed first. It's hard to be friendly when your neighbors are trying to kill you and your family and keep telling you that you're not wanted in the neighborhood. Can't you relate a little to that?

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