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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Farrakhan Rants Against Jews Again

Nadene Goldfoot
Louis Farrakhan is the nation of Islam leader in the United States.  He has a history of blaming Jews for all the ills in this country and the world.  He's saying that Jews and Zionists are pushing the USA into war.  Not only that, but Jews are a cover for Satan.  This was just said on Tuesday in Chicago at an annual meeting. 

He continued by addressing President Obama, telling him not to let Zionists push him.  It's the Jews that are pushing a military offensive against Gaddafi.  Oh yes, Jews also were the manipulators causing the USA to get Saddam Hussein and his sons..  Farrakhan definitely is speaking as a Muslim as he calls out to Gaddafi as "my brother' and "my friend."  I have a feeling that they certainly are on the same wave length. 

It's all the American Jews' fault of pushing Israel into a war with Iran, he cries.  Never mind the fact that Iran has been threatening Israel with extinction and calling Israel and Jews everywhere horrible absurd names.  Whatever is distasteful must be the Jews at fault.  It's never ever the Muslims. 

His hatred for Jews comes from knowledge about Satan, according to Farrakhan.  He's not even anti-semitic, he thinks.  To me this is a picture of the ultimate case of self-denial that ever was. 

He acknowledges that Jews are a very small group in the world but thinks they are the most powerful, thus, the manipulators in the world.  I sense a bit of jealousy here.  Every statement about Jews he vomits out shows a defiance of accepting historic facts about Jews.  He has his own ugly definitions.  He teaches that Jews dominate the U.S. government and all the banks. Besides all problems being caused by Jews, he even has the audacity to accuse Jews of taking over BET! stands for the new cable network, Black Entertainment Television.  The founder is a Robert L. Johnson, who I would bet is not Jewish.  All this hatred directed at a group of people who make up less than 1% of the world's population. 

ADL Director Abe Foxman brings out the point that he is still a respected person in his own community.  I wonder how that can be in this great country.  It tells me that his Muslim followers are of the same opinion and love to blame Jews but not accept their own problems.  I'm wondering if his Muslim community would be so hateful if it didn't have such a leader whipping them into such a frenzy of hatred.  He's bringing out the worst of the Koran with Jewish hatred and command of killing us.  Such a diatribe should be left in the 700's where it began because Jews refused to convert to Islam.

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