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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The New Arabian Nights Fairy Tales-by Palestinian Authority Activists or Using Facebook to Destroy Israel

Condensed by Nadene Goldfoot
Abbas should be ashamed of himself.  What they have been teaching in Samaria and Judea in their Palestinian Schools is simply a self-admiring fairy tale of being the owners of "Palestine."

They have, in their manner and idea of peace, created a page on facebook calling for the Third Intifada which is against Israel.  Finally facebook took it down on Tuesday.  It was promoting violence against Jews in Israel.  This is the group Israel is supposed to make peace with who will not even come to the table to talk.

What these beloved Palestinians have done is continue the fight with another page saying: subscribe now to the Palestinian intifada on its logo and called "Make the Prophet Number One on Facebook".

It starts out innocuously but the Rassoul Allaah page to other links is promoting the Third Intifada and how to carry out the destruction of the State of Israel.

They are calling for millions of Arabs to march into Israel and force a "right of Return." which means mass immigration of millions of Arabs.  This is set to happen on May 15th, which Arabs call Nakba-in English Tragedy.  This is the date of Israel's birth; May 15, 1948.  One reference was exactly like the facebook page that was removed.

They again have a page with a new name:  Third Palestinian Uprising-the Persian Gulf answer: join our mosque.  You must be able to read Arabic to understand this one.  It's listed under Political Party category. 
Another notice is : the Arab Revolt for the Liberation of Palestine.  It's goal is to liberate their land and defeat the occupation in every inch of the land of Palestine.  The commentary tells people to tell all Arabs to invade Israel on May 15th. 

They're now even threatening Mark Zuckenberg, the Jewish CEO of facebook for taking down their page.  They're saying he's the next dictator to go and demanding that he reopen the "Third Palestinian Intifada Page now! 

Disgusting comments clearly showing their lack of knowledge of the history of the area are listed.  They reflect only the wild claims and rantings of their parents stories of why they're where they are.  The terrible fact is that this has caught millions of Arabs in a trap of lies that they believe.  This is how Abbas has conditioned his people into accepting a peace with Israel.  How can Israel possibly exist with a state next door with this mentality?  A two state situation is clearly impossible. 

Reference: Next Arab Facebook Campaign: Get Millions to Invade Israel by Chana Ya-ar- from Gerard Robins

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