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Sunday, March 6, 2011

U of C's Berkeley Anti-Semitism Results in Suit

Nadene Goldfoot
On March 5, 2010 Jessica Felber, age 20 and Jewish was attending a rally and holding a sign that said, Israel Wants Peace.  She was then attacked by Husam Zakharia, the leader of the Muslim group, Students for Justice in Palestine.  This was not the first time that Husam had been involved in such behavior and the matters were ignored.  The university had done nothing in the line of protection.  The Jewish students have been intimidated and threatened. 

This time Jessica is making history by being the first to sue Berkeley for this dangerous situation.  It's not too much to ask for.  An out of state student must pay $49,526 while an in state student pays $34,286 to attend for a year. This is including housing, etc.   68% of the students receive aid.  Jessica's parents didn't expect their daughter to be beaten up for demonstrating her belief at such a controversial campus.  Surely the administration should realize the potential risks that could evolve. 

However, this past week from March 1st through the 11th is Israeli Apartheid Week on campus.  I guess they can't count.  Eleven  days doth not a week make.  To make this a real Shunda, Noam Chomsky and his crew of Rabbis and followers are backing up the whole concept.

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